A Friend From Above

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A Friend From Above
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A friend from above,
How could it be?
With wings that glimmer with gold,
A tiny little tear to show that you care,
A whisper to touch the soul,
One sweet little kiss to rejoice in life,
And two hearts to beat as one,
With little blue eyes that light up the world,
And a hand to hold in yours,
A friend from above,
How could it be?
To share such a love.

For you

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L is for your lips, which are sweet and luscious.
I is for your intellect, you are both intelligent and sexy.
S is for your soul, so pure and so bold.
B is for your beauty, both inside and out.
E is for excitement, which you bring into my life.
T is for time, which I always cherish when Im with you.
Together these letters spell the most precious thing in my life.
You symbolize perfection, like a dove symbolizes peace.