Sweet blend

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Unmasked evil thoughts
Harmony in finest intimacy
Grooving scent is now in silence
Love finally forgotten its sense

Turn, twist and spin
Hear my voice
Dance with the rhythm
Fly with the wind

Hungry heart beats
In the arms of the lost
Hold on to the beat
Forget the world

Thirst shroud our fears
Dwelling underneath the sun
It’s just you and me
Dashing the night
In the heavenly ground

Angel in Disguise

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I cannot believe how long it’s been
Oh my long lost sweet friend
I still remember those days
You held me in your wings
So loving and yet so gentle

Your smile still tells me
Everything would be okay
Just like an angel
Guiding each day

Your love sweeps my pain,
Your faith keeps them strong,
And your hope I know
Would bring me home

I’ve cried and tried to moved on
Even memories seem to hold on
Now that you have returned
Thank you for giving me
Meaning and true inspiration

Donuts & Juices

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Confusing hungry heart lies from within
I wish I could choose, which one to win
Two dazzling beauties making my day insane
So bold and yet so rare

Creepy-crawly heat makes me sweat
On this hot Thursday breeze
Making me, oh my so thirst!
Pour something my dearest heavenly sent
For these lips dry like a desert
Longing to be rinsed by your kiss

Let me have a bite, holding you just right
Squeezing you not so tight
Taking all your juice with all my might
My sweet tender afternoon delights

Tell me, Alex, my secret love

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My heart’s beatin’ so
Still cannot explain to ya, though.
You’re sweeter than honey
You’re cuter than a bunny.
I cannot tell ya how much love there is in here
Can you hear?
My Love, Alex
This is so complex.
I wanna be your girl
I want you to be my man
I want to walk with you
Hand in Hand.
cannot tell if Im crazy for you
Or just Insane
Either way
I cannot explain.
Tell me, Alex, my secret love,
Tell Me
You Love Me-
Even if it’s just a Little.