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If I could have you in my sweetest dream
An ecstasy of my every longing fantasy
Let me share you this moment in secrecy
For the sweetest silence of the night
Brings warmth joy of your memory
Lucid beauty reflects in your eyes
Even the fires of hell would surely die
I may write a thousand poems
But believe me for this I say
There’s no such word more profound
Than an angel standing without a sound
Indeed there were moments
This heart and mind go astray
Even today surely I would say
My wishes is to see you someday
Before the sun and the moon fades away
Oh Silly me, it’s a foolish fantasy!
For your one kiss and warmth embrace
But what more do I have to say
I love to see the snow even in sunny days

Destined to be mine

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So sweet, destined to be mine

In this life and beyond

We have something real, something out of this world

Something nothing can take away

Something no one can come between or tear apart

You are my soul mate, my life partner

You are so sweet, destined to be mine

No evil eye can spy on us

No evil can come between us

We proved that to everyone, every time

Every time they tried

Tried to tear us apart

Because you are destined to be mine


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(Boom-ba boom)
The steady music your heart makes when I lie beside you
The warmth our bodies create encircles the very meaning of love
Your entire being creates electrifying love that sparks me up with intoxication
I embrace your very touch
Containment explodes into liberation
Touch becomes valuable
I seek your love to hold
Your lips touch mine I melt into bliss
Bliss becomes pleasure
I can’t tell you how much you mean to me

You tell me “I love you so much”
I crave those words and they encrypt into my skin
Your laugh surrounds me with a million joys
Your smell fills me with a sweet reminder of innocence
Your eyes pierce me with a reminder of the sorrow we both know all too well
The sweetest taste I ever had comes from your love
As I lie beside you, your lips form the sweetest words “I love you”

I Enojoyed You!!!

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I really enjoyed myself with you Last Night,
Underneath the dark sky, and reflections of the Moonlight.
You touched me so softly, I felt butterflies,
Your kisses were so sweet, and just looking in your eyes
I enjoyed the way your tongue marked my body everywhere,
You didn’t miss a spot, and your hands softly rub my hair

Damn the feeling of you inside me,
you took your time you really did surprise me
Our hips went together in a circular motion,
I felt like I was riding the waves of the ocean

With every stroke, I became Closer N Closer,
With every kiss and touch, Even Closer

I bit my bottom lip and closed my eyes, I felt so good
My body began to tense up, and right before I climax
I can’t believe I WOKE UP…

I woke up from a dream, Damn it Damn it is all  I could scream..LOL!!!

That Magical Day

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As I wander the lonely streets
that were once an animate space.
I stop and wonder, think about when I met her in this place.
Our parting words on that fair day were soft, sweet and slow.
The future never concerned me before, but then I had to know.
The families who lived here, they don’t anymore.
The children who played, had grown up years before.
The music that played, now just a tune in my head.
The bright warm sun has years ago left.
I think about that magical day and how it changed me life.
I remeber it so clearly, because the woman is now my wife.