Emotionally attractive

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We are pushing through the waves together
This back and fourth kind of weather
Being in your arms forever
I Couldn’t ask for more
Your loving smile
You caring skin
Your sweet brown eyes
Your tender kiss
All this things just make me weak
In your arms, I’m forever free
Your sweet touch ,
Your soft ways,
I feel safe in every way
You’re my light
You’re my star
You’re everything, I’ll hold on tight
I won’t let go
I don’t wanna miss
You’re the best thing
To ever happen to me
Oh my dear, loving soul
I wouldn’t trade you for any gold
Your the golden
In my eye
You’re a true bright star .

Would You Be So Kind?

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I know this seems like a lot to ask, but would you be so kind as to inspire me?
Place beauty in my mind from the beauty of your heart.
From the beauty of your red hair,
The freckles on your face that remind me of the heavens
And when I kiss your cheek, it’s like kissing the night sky.
Dear girl,
Gorgeous stranger girl
Would you care to inspire me?
Inspire me to write, paint, draw, create
With the beauty that lies within your eyes-
The gateway to your sweet soul,
Sweet girl.
Time has passed between us, but yet there is something I need.
Will you take me to the place of your beauty?
Take me to a place where ideas of evanescent smoke turn to crystals.
A place where emotions fall like rain,
And creative stimulation strikes in flashes of lightning.
Sweet, beautiful stranger girl,
I know this is a lot to ask,
But would you be so kind as to inspire me?

Waiting, Waiting

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A touch like velvet, warm and tender
Beauty incarnate, she doth render
A gentle embrace from her is treasure
The depth of my feelings are hard to measure
Her eyes are impossible to ignore,.
As blue as the sea against the shore
Her smile is stunning, she is so fair
With no others my attention I share
The air shifts when she walks
All noise halts when she talks
Her voice so sweet, so full of life
In her presence there is no strife
I would fight the thousandth year
To wipe away a single tear
If only she knew that I love her
If only she didn’t love another

The Sweetest Thing

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Your my umbrella through the rain.
Medicine to stop my pain.

The most amazing guy and can I tell you why?

You can make me smile.
You can make me cry.
You can bring me joy!
And can I tell you why?

I’m happy when I’m with you.
When I see you I get weak.
And 1 thing I love is that you listen when I speak.

We’re strong together and apart we’re weak.
Without you it’s hard to think.

Your my bestfriend and soulmate here through it all.
Always around when I’m about to fall.

You were made for me and for you I was made.
Your the balance on my check the day I’m getting paid.

Your the sunshine during spring.
Happiness you bring.
The sweet that I crave.
The soap when I bathe.
Let me keep your love.
It was sent from above!

I’m Deeply in Love with my Tamer

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Have you heard my heart singing?
It sings with the melody of your love…
Have you seen my lips wide curve?
It smiles with the sweet and countless ways you made me feel so special…
Have you seen my eyes shine so brightly?
It glows with the fire of your intense desire…
I’m deeply in love with you my Tamer,
you captivated my heart and it will be yours and yours forever….

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