I hope you know what I mean

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Something happened between us

I can not describe it

And I can not describe to you how I feel

You make me happy

You give me peace


When I am with you

My mind is free from all the worry in my life


I am yours

I will never leave your side


Your love makes me smile

Your eyes make me dream

Your body next to mine             Is just what I need


I feel intoxicated

Intoxicated with your love


There is nothing I can say when I feel this way

I want to feel this way for the rest of my life


I am so happy

I am so exited


You make me want to love you more and more each second of each and every day


I am happy to say that you are mine

And I will always be yours no matter what the people might say


Because I love you I can give up everything I have

Baby I think you know what I mean when I say…

I love you!

Was it destiny ?

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As my eyes met yours,
I could truly say,
Was it destiny or just a simple case,
I am wanting more & more each day,
But won’t you notice me ?
I am here to stay
Don’t walk away please I beg you,
I want to feel love once again
But with a different person who won’t be ashamed,
I can’t say I love you, but maybe I will,
I just want to know you more than just you,
I want to kiss you
I want to touch you
I want to be the girl who belongs to you
I need to know
Could it work out
If it doesn’t
Don’t worry I won’t be around </3

A future proposal

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My lovely love given to me as a gift from above,
your perception is flawed and what I see is right…
why won’t you see your true beauty is as evident as the night.
your pale soft skin as delicate as an angels feather,
your amazing blue eyes catch mine and hold them like an invisible tether,
your vibrant smile makes me do the same,
like each drop falls then another when it rains.
your truly extraordinary inside and out, it’s hard for me to resist
especially when you pout, your so beautiful and I wish you could see
how each letter..each word emotionally moves me.
your everything but normal and I love you
for this is why I try everyday with so much effort to show it.
I love you more than anything
I’d pick you over everything and I hope you see this in me when
I’m finally on one knee to ask you “Shay Soto…would you marry me?”

Living without you

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I hate feeling like this

Im so tired of trying to fight this

Your touch is what I’m missing

I don’t want to live

I don’t want to breathe unless I feel you next to me

I hate living without you

You take the pain I feel

I thirst for you

The way you make me feel

I’ve longed to be with you

But at what cost?

To ruin everything once more?

Do I deserve better?

If I love you and you love me why do you turn me away?

I’ve promised to love you but you promised nothing


Love shall thrive!

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Love shall thrive!

Bryan the knight loved…

No, Bryan fell in love with Martinez the king’s daughter…

No! no! omumbejja

The princess; yes!

He is hardened by the chain

Born of a slave dad and servant mama…

He is blessed-cursed…

To serve the king, to take spear-rockets in place of him.

To prostrate at the feet of magulu nyondo!

He is a palace entertainer ye mudongo.

…there in, is an arena, a platform for joy of he.

There in, his best thrives.

The poet he moves the heart of her, his flute plays her fancy tunes his lyrics her heart’s romance.

Like Romeo to Julie, begets he, one glow night.

Stars smile bright.

The chill commands a bond.

Glow worms glow lovey-dovey…

The two lie in the palace nest in attached bosoms.

Worrior begets all that lies beneath the silk gown.

Martinez-my princess moans with ecstasy.

To the attention of one sneaky-nosy maiden, Victoria.

This splendid trillion dollar moment, she spreads to the palace elders’ quiet.

I am condemned- outcast! Villain! But I will stand.

I will stay and have my throat sliced!

Even this night as the king returns from raid.

I await the verdict.

But on my side…

Love shall thrive!

Love shall thrive