Tortured for Love

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Love has broken me

And deep inside it tortured me,

My heart’s now turned into stone

Because of broken promises

I cry juicy tears of blood,

Just to let the pain out of me

Thinking of love makes me sick.

Thinking of the broken memories of love,

Makes me hate the world

And tell me not to fall in love again.

Now today is the the day I must leave.

Yesterday was my history

tomorrow is a mystery

And today is a Gift

A day of sadness and grieve

A day to start a new beginning

And in the end I’m going to fail anyway,

so what’s the point of beginning??

Living in a world that no one loves you,

is a pain and full of sorrow.

But In the end you’ll realize that love is never been worthless

‘Cause every broken heart, Someone will try to fix it and help you

to start a new beginning…

I loved you

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I remember when you said that you would be here

I guess that was a lie

I dreamed of you all the time day dreaming about your beautiful eyes

You were the best I thought

I loved you

I really did

You said you would be here

You said that you would be true

You lied to me everything you said was false

I hate you so much right now

Because I really did love you

I kept thinking that things would get better

I kept thinking that things would change

I thought about the ups and not the downs only because I really loved you

Every time I felt that our love could get strong

Your turned around and proved me dead wrong

Although, I am smarter now wiser too

I know that you can’t play me like a fool

It pains me to say this but…

I still do love you

Sincerely I’m Yours

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Your eyes look like shining stars

Your bright smile with those soft lips

Makes me feel forever free

When we touch

Its fantasy

When we kiss

It’s like flying leaves

I hope this love stays in piece

Because without you I’ll be incomplete

You’re my melody and you belong in my heart

You’re my best friend until the day we separated

But am not looking forward to tears

Am looking forward to cheers

You and I could fix the atmosphere

We belong together and our love is so strong

I don’t think Romeo and Juliet can’t compare

To the love that we once shared

But I want to tell you I can’t die like this

I need to tell you that if am ever missing don’t worry about

You will soon find me

Don’t you freak out?

Because I’ll be around

Even if am dead i’ll look for you again

And if you never understand

Then let’s make love
in peace so come and fly with me

My First Love

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My heart laughs and smiles.
He doesn’t know!

I love the way he touches me.
He doesn’t know!

We have a bond too tight to break and I love him.
He doesn’t know!

I want to tell him everything about me
He doesn’t know!

He stays on my mind constantly
And he doesn’t know!

I miss him so much when he’s gone.
But, he doesn’t know!

He is my baby.
He doesn’t know!

I love going to see him
And he doesn’t know!

He is my first love
And he doesn’t even know!

My love stands and will always show!!

I Think I Love You

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Bliss, sweet bliss

You said you’re mine.

And I can finally trust you

God, is this a sign?

Are we meant to be?

I can’t live without you

It’s finally dawned on me

That you feel like that too

You said;

“I love you Babe, I love you more than I need air to live..

…Because I need You to live”

The scene replays in my head

*Sitting in the grass surrounded by trees in the moonlight

Like a dream, like a fairy tale

*Knees pressed together, hands clasped for warmth

I can’t stop reliving the moment..

I think I love you, my Shane<3