Everything we’re not ..

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I believe in dreams coming true

I believe in the stars that light up the sky
I believe in god .
I believe in everything that others have forgot.
But why I don’t believe in us?
Our love so pure and yet so strong
The tearing of each of other
Going wrong
I love you my superman
You’re my hero
I wish I can live forever
Or just as long as you
So every time I think of you
I will know just what to do
But this is tough
And times are hard
It breaks my heart
To see us apart
Your warm embrace
How you touch my face
The kisses you give
It’s all that I miss
That gets me like this
I know that you’re trying
And you can’t stand me crying
I know if you were here
You’ll wipe away all my tears
Conquer my fears
And live with me through all the years
I know it hurts baby
But life is so cruel to us
Are love is yet strong
And it will last long
Because I love you
Like you love me
And there’s nothing
No distance
No person
No problem
That can seperate us
Yet miles apart
And years away
I will always know that day
The day I met you
The day I miss
The lovely lullaby
That lives in me .
I love you forever
My secret wish .
My future husband
Yet to be .
I love you forever .
Forever and always.

Dear love

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It all started with a message,

A few simple words over the internet,

I never thought in a million years

That I would fall for you the way I did.

We talked everyday,

We spoke every night,

Since that day in November

I now get to call you mine.

As days go on, my feelings grow stronger

And I can tell yours do too,

Over every word that’s said

Between me and you.

Your my love,

My heart,

My soul,

My everything.

Everyday I live is because of you

And how special you make me feel,

You tell me that you love me

And I can tell that these feelings are real.


I need another story

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Another story I need

had this urge to scream out my lungs.

Between the voice, the lies, the secrets, a choice I got to make.

I am lost…

I am in no desert, but lost I am…

Tell me the truth, peace I’ll find on my own.

Show me the voice, the fight I’ll have it on my own….


I need another story

In perfect lines it doesn’t have to be,

I need another story

happy it doesn’t need to end up.


Another story I need

got the urge to unconfuse people about love.

between lies, heartaches, sorrows

they are lost…

love doesn’t cause pains, we do…

Just love with your heart….



Another story I need

got the urge to get ride of vultures off my back

Between two faces, backstabbers…

I am lost….

Can’t close my eyes for a second

My back I gotta watch out for…


Yes, another story I need

In perfect lines it doesn’t have to be,

I need another story

happy it doesn’t need to end up……

Love : from lands afar!

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Your memoirs haunt me-
across the seas,
Wish! could relive that November-
build a time machine,
because since very long-
no rainbow sparkles this sky,
when i try to look beyond the aisle!
the reign of reckless ruler prevails,
from the heaven above heavily it rains!

And so to end my fears,
all those scary nightmares!
made a plan to visit your place,
executed the beginning well
& reached in good pace!
Only to realise you weren’t at the airport,
may be completin’ an official work of some sort!

But then suddenly someone like you appears,
OMG! damn beautiful you are, my britney spears! :P
–“I am sorry, i am late”
–“Doesn’t matter, it was my fate!”
you hugged me  tight
seemed i gained my life back,
alas! doesn’t last for long, the hug we had!
and soon we left in you silver star*,
i said, “You’ve changed a lot, grew rich, own a jaguar!”
“Aww! that’s not the case, daniel gifted me the car”
“Daniel??” i asked with weirdo expression on my face!
“Oh! i didn’t tel you about him, sorry was in a haist!”
BANG! unable to react a strange silence spreads!

Next thing i saw:
“you were besides of me, lying in the bed”
and the doc said:
“Here you were brought up!
when your car smashed into a truck,
& being the lucky one, you are safe!”
gathered enough courage to say:
“She…!! what about her?
don’t tell me her condition’s worse!”
And the doctor just smiled-
how ironical that was!
Couldn’t do anything, like a grown up child-
something i felt spreadin so fast!
FJ-14, the painkiller, nearly killed me from inside-
forcing me to close the curtains at last!*

Meanwhile, utilising my sleep,
they shifted you to a serious keep!
in the absence of you, in the hope of seeing you
all good and smiling,
instead of sad and crying!
i recovered so soon
just to realise, have nearly lost you!
The person’s in the white coat-
in the infirmary,
told that you have lost-
your last 10 years memory!
and would be able to walk in no time,
with me along the rhine!

Just sat right besides your bed,
the seven days passed, was as still as dead!
neither you nor i moved,
except for kissin’ you gently on your fore-head!
your daniel was no where to be seen,
searched out for him, he fled out of the scene!
But you were to be taken care of,
and my visa for a month didn’t seem enough!
SO, made a plan for the 30 days,
the thing you & he did, we would do them again!
and you woke up on the may 17th,
asked the doctor, who is he?
what could i say to you, then?
ran out of the room, wept!

Assumed the role of daniel-
tried to retrieve your memory!
b’cos wanted to see you smile-
on the top of territory!
we started to execute our plan,
Watched your favourite show of opera “Of mice and men!”
had your favourite cappucino on the downtown cafe,
along with the choco lave cake dt you loved, say??
i still remember how your face ate that,
of your lips and mouth instead!
Just cause no-one could be you,
the way you looked then, you were so damn cute!
after the cafe, went to the park,
to the disney land and to the bar xD
Got to see your different shades in there,
at times you were so crazy, at times real serious!
at times running ahead of me like a train,
at times dancing with me and your shopping stuff in the rain!

and so the month ended,
on the last day sorrow and smile blended!
i opened up the curtains* to make you see,
the real world not of virtuality!
“I ain’t daniel, but to get your memory back,
to see you smiling, with lots of happiness in fact!
i lied to you, that i were him”
You fainted, rushed to the hospital room 17,
doc’s told you are fine just a little brain strain,
and your memory was back on its lane!
what a perfect timing! – daniel came :(
he told me, “Was off for a business trip,
but now ‘m back will take care of the things”
and so i boarded a flight,
the flight back to home
realising i have forgot to tell you,
what i have been here for!
wrote all that on a letter,
idea of posting from hometown seemed better!
but alas! meanwhile on the way back,
the flight in the fields crashed!
killing all on board-
but my bag was safe, somewhere well hid!
but the letters were lost-
someone posted them on the address inked!

And so i reached to where i belonged,
wandering soul, which helps others on ouija board!

You got the letters which read:
“The last 30 days for me were like,
in your smile and divine voice,
my whole world breathed,
my whole world did reside!
Each day i woke up with you on my mind,
just a little brittle hope– was still alive!
And closed my eyes at the end of the hours-
to dream of you miss elizabeth swann!

will hold you tight-
just come back!
and looking into the eyes-
we would dance!
from the dusk in the shallow light-
to the trance!
Oh my luv! no lies-
please give it a chance!

and if some day
it suddenly comes in your mind-
that you were all i had,
my love for you was blind-
and i could be your mr.perfect,
don’t think over thrice –
in coming all the way back,
and to your greatest surprise-
you would find me waitin’ at your doorstep!

I gave you all the joy i had! and so at the last
i am sending you this,
with lots of love – from lands afar!
Love – from lands afar!”

Silver Star – the car
Close the curtains- refers to the closing of eyelids
Opened up the curtains – here refers to revelation of the truth

Love from lands afar

An Oscar in Faking Smiles!

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The black sun will shine in my sky,
if you ever leave me! each day i would cry,
There wouldn’t be any happiness, no cheerful smile,
Just tears, scary nightmares, glorifying my life!
When i walk down the pavement with you on my mind,
Memories start flashing, in front of my eyes!
Regardless to say, they make me blind!
It happens with me, every day, pretty every time,
Don’t know why, may be i wish to make ya mine!
I see you in the streets of my heart,
You look like Ms.Universe, standing in your best dress!
I stand in my room, my home that’s doorless,
I wish, would i just go out to the street and kiss u my princess!
I would ask :
Will you stand besides me holding my hand?
cause i would always be with you, until the end,
doesn’t matter wherever i am!
I wouldn’t ever mind, staying awake late night,
if Its 3 a.m., and i got to see ya online!
You say that’s crazy, i reply that’s fine!!
May be that could help me in making ya mine,
If not, then for the whole of my life,
i would rely on painkillers and whacky wine!
You took my heart, and went so far away!
Don’t worry, i am fine :( (not really), living this way!
I wish! just for some more time had you stayed,
and we would have laughed together,
Together, we would’ve played!
It surely ain’t a fairytale!
cause in coming time,
i really hope its gonna take place!
Because you are all what i have!
Time and often i visit the place where we usually met!
But this time ‘m alone in there,
without you! this silence scares!
the place’s still the same,
the same shining marble floor, the same wall frame!
Nothing has changed since when you left,
Neither me, nor the place, and the fact!
That so much it pains,
each passing day heavily it rains!
But hey i still have many more things to say
would you listen ’em all and won’t run away?
Whether we’re together or apart,
You will always be the queen of my heart!
Time would move, and people would change,
But hey i bet! i will still be the same!
the same who will always be at your side,
loving you, protecting you from high tides!—
—In times you are all alone and feeling very sad,
just think that there’s someone who misses you so bad!
And i know, i stand nowhere in your life,
Many guys, so handsome, better than me you’ll find!
i know you would forget me very soon!
then high above in the skies i would look,
and ask the stars and the moon:
–“How’s she looking tonight?”
“So pretty she looks, and here she smiles!”
–“Is she all fine?
any problems of her, make ’em mine!”
To which moon would gently say:
“She’s enjoying the candle light dinner with her fiance!”
And so you would find your Mr.Perfect!
Tears and me, would strengthen our deal,
resignature our pact!
I am not gonna forget you for the whole of my life,
For you i cry, for you i would die!
I would hide this all from the crowd,
This PAIN, These tears have been a secret
and would remain the same from the people around!
But still i am gonna say in silence and pray it turns true
That you and me, be the perfect two!
I am gonna wait forever for you,
Knowing that you had got through!
May be you will be happy and glad at times,
Since long what i had been doing,
i too would do the same, yes i would smile!
the difference bein’ that:
“i am so good at it no one can spot it for a while!
Cause i have an oscar in faking smiles!!”