Love by Love.Hurts

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Love ??

what does that mean

is it just a four letter word

or does it really mean something

love is more than a word

more than feeling

more than four letters

its an emotion that can never be fully expressed

no matter how much you do

how many times you say it

you can never fully express how you feel

and thats reality

i love john more than boys love sports

i love him more than a mother loves her child

i love him more than a woman loves shoes

but he will never know my full love for him

because i can’t fully express it

i belong to him as shoes belong to your feet

and he belongs to me as a key belongs to a lock

and these feelings will never die

never lie

and never cry

our love flows deep

and no one can top that

What I Would Do

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What i would do to see your face

so soft and handsome

what i would do to hold your hand

so gentle and tender

what i would do to see your smile

as big as day

what i would do to feel your touch

so calming and soothing

what i would do to copy your style

so different and unique

what i would do to hear your voice

so loving and deep

what i would do to hear you laugh

so different and special

what i would to smell your scent

so delightful and wonderful

what i would do to hug you

so tight and comforting

what i would do to feel your lips kissing me

so big and soft

what i would do to watch you walk

so special and unique

what i would do to love you

is unspeakable to me

what i would do to wrap my arms around you

is so wonderful and tender

what i can’t do without you

is breathe

you are my heartbeat

that i need

and you complete every piece

of me

Unrequited Love Is an Unforgiving Experience

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Unrequited love can be extremely difficult to deal with.
I know this for sure since I have been on the receiving end
of an unrequited love experience.
It is an extremely sinking feeling
that can even make you want to kill yourself.
It doesn’t matter if there are others who care about you or love you.
But if the person whom you love the most doesn’t love you back,
then it can make you feel like a loser.
It is surely a depressing experience.

Dealing With a Breakup Is Easier

Unrequited love is much more difficult to deal with than a breakup.
With a breakup or divorce, there is at least some chance
of getting back with your partner
since you know something about the person
since you have been in a relationship with that person before.
If you really want to get back in a relationship with the person,
it only needs some changes on your side
which only need some willpower
and changes to your stubborn mindset.
But with unrequited love, there are very little chances
of this happening.

Each Day Brings Pain

After being rejected by the person whom you love,
it would become extremely difficult to pass each day.
Whatever you do would feel tough and pointless,
which is the exact opposite of what could happen
when your love is accepted and returned.

Heart Doesn’t Know Logic

Some of your friends may try to console you
asking you to focus on the practical and more logical in life
since getting caught in such an emotional problem can be detrimental.
Even though the mind can understand logic, the heart cannot.
If you are in love, you would listen to your heart more than your mind.

Young People Are More Immune Than Old People

It is thought that unrequited love can hurt a person when he is young.
And as the person grows older,
he would be better equipped to deal with such feelings
and wouldn’t hurt so much.
But this is completely untrue.
Experiencing unrequited love at an older age can hurt more.
When you are young, you have lots of things going on around you
which can distract you from negative feelings.
And it is easier to find another person
which can be very difficult when you become old.
As you grow older, your heart doesn’t get any stronger.
Actually, it can get much weaker with age.

With unrequited love, it is not easy to suppress your feelings.
You can’t really talk about your feelings much to the person you love
because she won’t even listen to you.
She is not at all interested in you and wouldn’t care about how you feel.

So the best way to deal with your feelings is not showing anger.
Rather, you need to be more positive in your outlook
and try to keep yourself busy.
I know it is a clichéd advice and is easier said than done,
but it is the only way to overcome your feelings.

Chutes and Ladders of Love

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Love is like a puzzle.
You have to find and try out all the pieces
before things begin to make sense.
Falling in love and pursuing a real relationship is no different.
Your heart soars up a million flights
as though you’ve found the ladder to heaven
and then sometimes you roll out of the clouds
as though on a colossal super strength chute.
And then all the pieces of the puzzle
come tumbling down in spiral of heartbreak.
But what you can do is try out your luck with love
on this game of Chutes and Ladders,
which takes you through all the puzzle pieces
that are required to complete a successful relationship.
From socializing together to dealing with power struggles,
this game will help you explore what makes partners tick
and what keeps them glued together
throughout all the ups and downs.
And just like life, the game is completely unpredictable.
Just when you think you have a good thing going,
a chute takes you back a few steps and sometimes unexpectedly
you manage to climb a ladder
that gives your relationship the boost it needed to keep going!

Routes of love ..

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Have you ever fell in love ?

Did it even matter after all?
Did waking up every morning with a smile, made your days worthwhile ?
Because I know mines did .
I was a princess and you were the prince
We lived in a kingdom
Where evil was the main thing
But we didn’t care
We were so much In love
Whatever they said
Just made us grow more into love
So if this was the story
And you had the key
To open my heart
And look into it
Will you take it all back now ?
All the damages
All the pieces
All because you didn’t want to fix it
I loved you
I won’t lie
Not this time
You were my world
My everything
No wonder tears fall down as I write this
Yes I said it
I was a princess
In a unjust world
But now I’m a nothing
I don’t even know who I am
And all because boys
Like playing love games .