Take this symbol of my love

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Take this symbol of my love that has begun and never ends,

While on this day we intertwine the meshes of our lives.

For these past years we have made a love with every square,

We have a quilt of past and present, threaded to endure.

A future we will stitch together, new squares to combine,

Our love began a while ago and continues through all time.

Surprise Call…!

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As i saw your name,
Flashing in my phone,
Baby, I couldn’t believe my eyes.
My heart started beating faster.
With lots of doubt,
Not knowing if it’s you…

I accepted your call and
Said “Hello” in a trembling voice,
Then and there i heard your voice,
Talking to me after a year…

I could feel the pain in your voice,
Your heart started beating faster,
That my heart stopped beating anymore…

My love…! Always and Forever…!
It’s you and only you in my heart,
I couldn’t speak out a word,
My heart was crying in vein,
And you asked if I’m good!
And baby… How do i say…?
I’m Happy when you are away from me..

Listening to your voice,
I realized you are disturbed,
And also I’m happy that you get adjusted…
But even then, I miss you like crazy…!

With Love <3
Annakuttyudae Antochan…!

I’ll Never Love Another Guy

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But I…

I’ll never love another guy

Thats the truth

The past for me was really hard

But with you ? Its all a better start

So for you

I’ll do everything right

And with you, I’ll cherish all the perfect times

For you, I’ll ignore the pointless fights

‘Cause you?

Youre the bright night star

Because you?

You are what I wish for every night

Then day comes, and your smile

always warms me up

And your hugs, tell me you will always be there for me

And ’cause that

I’ll never plan to change

‘Cause our love

Is stronger everyday

And thats why I’m still here today

So with you

I’ll go anywhere

And with you I feel like nothings missing

And thats why

I’ll never love another guy

‘Cause is you

All that I was missing from the start

And tonight I wanna let you know

I’ll never love another guy like I love you

Find Your Way

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The love that we share

Its nothing campared

Dry dirt, brand new rose

All coming through the road

The shy girl with the nice eyes

The popular guy shining so bright

Its all combined in love and war

Blue skies turning gray

Flashback from past mistakes

It only made us stronger

Right hand holding on harder

All the obstacles lighted the way

To a new beginning

To a brand new day

I apologized baby for my mistakes

It brought us down

To better ways

Now I’m here holding your hand

Nothing can break us or separate us

Because once again

This love is till the end