Waiting for Your Love

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I need you
I need a hug
Just once I would like to be loved
I want to feel whole
I want to feel secure
but that’s impossible
when your not here
I don’t know who you are
I don’t know if I ever will
One day I hope we meet
so you can sweep me off my feet
I want to have that feeling
the one that everyone gets
when they know it’s right
and they have no regrets
Will you ever be here with me?
not caring what other people believe
I hope so and
I hope so soon because
I will be waiting….
waiting here for you

I Hope You Love Me Too

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I wish I could tell you
the way that I feel
So tortured inside

I want to say so many things
but I cannot find the courage
Can you see through my emotions?

I try to put on an act
Can you see through me?

It cannot hide much longer
Sooner or later it will come out
Sooner or later I will tell you

I just hope you love me, too.

Together we were perfect

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Together we were like Bonnie and Clyde,
Willing to ride and die for each other.
Nothing mattered when it came to us.

Together we were like Justin and Britney,
A match made in heaven. Envied by many for
the love that we felt for one another.

Together we were like Frodo and Sam,
We never would have made it far without each other.
Always looked out for one another, and never let anyone disrespect one of us.

Together we were like Siegfried and Roy,
The magic we created would have never been possible
if it hadn’t been for each other.

Together we were perfect,
I still believe, even though you lost sight.
And for me to forget, would be like losing a fight.

The one you love has broken that special bond

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When your in pain its hard for you to cope,
but when its a family member who causes it you stop to think.
scientists believe its the shock that makes you freeze,
But when it happens to you, you know the real reason.
its because the one you trust, love and care for
has broken that special bond,
its because the one person you’d never guess to do this has done it,
and because you never expected the worst to come.