I love you

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I only wanna be with you
you can make me feel good
you put a smile on my face
like no one else could
just looking at you makes me feel happy
and I just want you to know
that every time you walk by me
the skies sprinkle with gold
you’re some woman
you truly are
I can spot your beauty
when you’re o so far
I just wanna be with you
give me a chance
I wanna take you out
I wanna dance

Do you still love me

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Im so confused,
about how things are.
Do you still love me?
Or are my hopes too far?

If you still love me,
Please let me know,
So that I don’t wind up,
With just some other h**!

Because no matter what,
You still are my world.
And I won’t waste my time,
With just another girl.

I promised you once,
That I will never leave you alone.
And you will always have a place to stay,
Because my home is your home.

But please let me know,
If you still feel the same for me,
So that I can be something,
I’d never thought I’d be again…
Te quiero Nena!

Last time I love a girl who got no love for me

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Somethings you do,
and somethings you don’t.
What you did to me is something I won’t.
Because I know how it goes,
and I know how it feels.
To have love taken from you,
when you thought it was real.
But now Im wiser, now I can see.
Because that’s the last time I love a girl,
who got no love for me.