You were once in love with me

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The morning has come and so you must go
like the morning’s dew or winter’s snow
I will see you again when your back in town
to calm this hectic chaos down
you were once in love with me
then you found a more reliable dependency
one that wouldn’t leave you for another
and the greater expense wasn’t that much of a bother
so now you’ve stranded me to find
a different kind of piece of mind
one that cannot accomplish a simple feat
and just like a piece it’s incomplete
you should clean up or I should tell you to leave
you say you want to cause you know Im naive
but the feeling lingers and the absence I dread
and life is the sun it’s always over my head
too bright to see it for what it is
and when you finally get it the season changes
but it’s our fault orbiting to different position

Your love gave me my first breath

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I look at the pictures of when I was happy
Before I ever knew of the things that you could do
Your love gave me life,
Like my first breath
You picked me up
Took away my pain
Then you must’ve had your share of me and left
I fell and no one catched me
Im dying, bleeding
Thinking of what we could’ve had
There’s nothing left to do
I let you inside my soul
You crushed till nothing was left
You gave me my first breath
And you took my last

The truth of your love washes my soul

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This breath in my lungs is for you,
The ache in my bones and the aching of my heart,
for you.
Overwhelmed by the thought of a kiss,
Im now in your presence.

The truth of your love washes my soul
Incomplete without you
Wishing for the source
For the sweet, soft, brightness that comes with your faith
In something that cannot be seen,
Only felt.

The morning is a new day that is still yesterday,
Touching on a heightened level
Knowing each beat that flows through you

Wanting the future
Wanting the next
Wanting the warmth

Praying for the strength.
For the wisdom and long-suffering,
For the patience
That a thousand lovers never had

Wanting to fill you,
Waiting to touch you,
Wishing for a miracle that will most certainly come as you.

This love shall last forever

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Today I breathe heavy
Since fallen in love I have
As though being stuck by lightning
My heart has stopped at your sight

Your smile
Is as though the moon
Were smiling down on me
With her passionate glow
And just for a moment
I feel tremendous joy

Not a minute passes by
Without you in my thoughts
My life, my soul, my being
Needs of your love or
I might die

So like this poem
This love shall last in me