Special Love

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I’ve never really understood
Nor thought it could be real
For the special love you’ve shown
Can’t be measured in distance nor in time

Each moment with you
Seems timeless and filled with hope
You give me life and indeed
You are my life forevermore

No matter what, no matter where
All I ever hoped and prayed
Is for us to be always together
From this day until our next journey
For I belong to you and you
Were destined to be with me

Life No Regret

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To love another
you must first love yourself…
but how do you love yourself
when you are a stranger in your own eyes…
your greatest fear is yourself…
waiting on a hero that will never come…
is it worth going on…
but if you look deep enough
you will see the truth…
that the hero lies in you…
life is not how hard it hits you down
it is whether you get back up again…
you can’t always get what you want…
and you can’t appreciate life until you’ve been burned…
stay in the race because you will only look back
and regret what might have been…BUT…
never regret anything that made you SMILE…

Just You

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I wish you knew how much I loved you,
I wish you knew how you made me feel.
You’re always on my mind,
Im thinking about you all of the time.

I love your wonderful smile,
I love your beautiful eyes,
But I hate that we don’t talk no more
And the way you act like I’m not alive.

I can’t get over you,
I miss all the times we had together,
All the memories that we shared,
Forever in my heart you will be there.

Someday I hope you’ll love me,
Like I love you now.
I hope that someday comes soon,
Cause I’m lost without you around!

Unrequited Love

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I gaze at you from afar
Wishing I was her
the pretty girl you cherish
its more than I can bear

You said you loved me once
but that was all an lie
you left me here alone
now all I can do is cry

You picked me up and used me
as I was love sick fool
then you went back to your lover
the prettiest girl in school

now youve forgotten about me
but I cant let you go
boy you belong with me
I just cannot take no

so Im lying here in my bedroom
taking my last few ghtmls
Thinking of my soulmate
and the love that didnt last

Experience Love

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Ok well I am only 12 years old.
Wow who cares.
I have experienced love.
Though it was with my parents,
I still understand it.
What everyone needs to understand
is that you have to take love in every form.
Whether its picking up someones pencil
or giving a passionate kiss in the rain.
I think I was in love with a guy.
I blushed around him
and I can’t make it out
because it was a unique relationship.
One that I never experienced with
anyone out of my family.
Though he cheated on me so many times
I keep coming back for more.
So I am 12 but anyone can experience love.