They say love is different

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They say love is different not just a thing
They say you can have it you just have to pray
They say it comes in different shapes and sizes
They say you can get lucky or you can just find it
They say love is something like a trapped box
Easy to get in
Hard to get out
When you love someone it’s like a
No doubt
Then it ends the love you had
Then you sit there and think at how mad and sad
You were at her, You were at him
But the real reason you’re sad and mad is that
It came to an end
The wonderful relationship that had no time
To begin.

Friends or Lovers

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Friends, lovers or other
What shall we be?
A decision I can not make,
But one that we need

Im thinking about you every moment,
Each and every day
Yet, still you remain… my love,
so very far away.

I dream of the things
We are yet to share
I dream of our embraces,
And our expressions of care.

I hope and pray my love
Somehow, I will touch your heart
So you will choose my dear
Friends, while lovers, not apart

I yearn for you my darling
To hold you in my arms,
To feel the heave of your chest,
To know your passionate charms

This heart aches, my little Angel
When I envision the softness of your face,
Warmth of your lips, as we share a kiss,
These are just some of the things I chase

I offer you the choice my love
The choice… Should you dare.
Of a life filled with devotion,
With hope, love and care

I ask you now, to make a choice
For I know which I would take
Friends, lovers or other
The choice that counts, is the one you make.
To be, or not… together.

Loving and Curious

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I wonder if he really loves me
I hear his voice everywhere I go
I see him in my dreams
I want him to be there
I am loving and curious

I pretend he is here with me
I feel his hands with mine
I touch him softly
I worry that he’ll change
I cry when I feel he doesn’t love me
I am loving and curious

I understand we have our problems
I say “I love you”
I dream about him every night
I try to make him feel the same way
I hope we are together forever
I am loving and curious


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What You Mean To Me

Damn baby,
I wish there was a way for me
to show you how much you mean to me.
I wish I could show you
how much I love you
and how much your love means to me,
but that’s kinda hard, because it is so much!
My love for you is so strong,
ain’t nothing in the world
ever going to change how I feel for you.
Everytime I close my eyes,
your face is what I see.
You’re on my mind all day and night,
even when Im asleep you’re running through my head.
You mean so much to me,
I cherish each and every minute we spend together.
I want time to freeze
and it just be you and me always and forever.
Each day going through
not being able to wait to talk to you.
It’s a longing in my heart to hear your voice
because when I hear you I light up.
you lighten my whole world.
You make me smile and make me so happy,
when no one else could.
Your love means so much to me
and I promise Im not going to do anything
to threaten that, baby.
I don’t make promises that I think might not happen
but baby Im so sure about this.
I promise you, my life, my happiness,
and my love, always and forever.
I love you so much baby
I just wish I could show you
how much you mean to me!

Every time

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Of course I love you, my cow

I feel as I am so close to you, even though my tears tell me Im not.
I can see your face in our little cloud, but I need help to get there
Every time I see your eyes I fall deeper
Every time I see your smile I become weaker
They say you never realise what you have until its gone, well
in this case I think I did, and that’s why I allowed myself to love you.