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My eyes burn with exhaustion.
Even in this haze of Prozac and cheap liquor,
the thought of you won’t leave my mind.
You’re driving me crazy; why did I leave you?

I have killed love,
By not having you in my life.

You are all I think about.
Please come back, let me
Back into your heart.
It is my fault,

I know.
Bitter with acceptance,
I am.
Just longing to have you back.

Lies or Truth

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Ohh lovee …
what can I say about this word ?
strong, painful, magical,
and only happens between two people
it has a bright and a dark side …
it is a test on how two people may hold on to each other
and overcome all problems they are facing …
love is only three words, and you never know
if the person who is saying it to you is saying the truth
because sometimes LIES are more believable than the truth …

Love of children

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Children are our future as we were in the past.
we think our job is to teach them love, compassion, and honesty, trust.
but in reality they’re here to teach us,
with all their bumps and bruises love and fears
with all their smiles and forgotten tears lost throughout the years.
so stop and think how our lives begun.
they now teach us the future as we did in the past,
we may not understand their new way of thinking,
but I tell you the one thing that will last is their love for us will always last

I hope you are happy

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You said you loved me and you always called me babe …
when all you did was kiss her
and you see me stand there like I was nothing to you …

how could you do me like this ?
you say now that we should be friends with benefits.
but why would I want to do that ?
I don’t want to deal with her anymore
it’s stupid and I’m tired of it …
so now you won’t even text me
so don’t even bother trying to talk to me at school
or even look at me !
just forget me and stick with her.
I hope you’re happy …

I ask for love that will last

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All I think about is you,
you’re always stuck in my mind …
but I do not know for sure
if you love her still …
they say you’re just
using me …
if you are I will be crushed
very badly …
why am I always being used ?
Im just like a crayon aren’t I …
so from now I must ask the lord
for love,
love that will last …