I just want to say, I love you.

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Someday I’ll find my way to you

But it’s just a fact if I see you

Someday I might be dreaming

Someday I might be thinking

Reaching out to you

Reaching to my heart

What do I desire most?

What do I want?

Most important of all

I want you to be happy

For I am there to be yours

My love for you is nothing more

I gave you my heart

So please don’t tear it apart.

This is what I want to say

And I just want to say, “I love you.”

Young love

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He fell for the way she made him feel as if he could do anything,

He loved the way he could do anything with her by his side.

Now she’s gone; he feels like he is useless.

He used to love to stare into her deep blue eyes,

He used to love the way she stared into his,

Now it kills him to look into someone else’s blue eyes,

Because it reminds him of her.

He liked the way she knew him better than anyone,

She knew when he was crying, when he needed her the most and would be by his side,

Now she’s gone; he doesn’t have anyone.


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Love spins.
Emotions change.
I know you may not love me,
but that’s not important.
Loving isn’t about being in a relationship, kissing or hugging.
Loving is about caring.
If you care then you love.
It’s important to remember the good times and forget the bad.
In order to survive you must stay strong.
A strong heart stands for a strong soul.
Love you Shasta and Faye <3