Travelling vs Dating

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Traveling vs. Dating
How could it be?
Traveling is like short term dating
You want to escape the reality for a moment
You want to escape the boredom for a moment
To somewhere alien

You booked a round trip
With a certain return date
You try to make full use of your short stay
And try new things as many as possible
Until you’re exhausted
Then you return home with memories

But when you traveled so much
The traveling becomes less and less exciting
Since you have been to so many places
And they’re more alike than different

Then you figure out
Things would work differently
If you just stay somewhere longer
To study, to work, or to live
No rush to try new things
Just live the life, taste it
And explore the place naturally
Gradually fall in love with it without notice
And discover a lot more than a traveler does

Traveling vs. dating
How could it be?
The longer is always better
Even if it’s not lifelong


A letter of love for no one…

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Lying down on the middle of my bed

wishing that someone was near me

So many lonely sleepless nights,

why am I feeling like this time is far like the horizon?

Why do I feel like I let love go to waste?

I hold and squeeze my favorite pillow tighter than ever…

never did I want anything so much…

my body misses a man’s grab, a man’s firm hands…

can’t stop checking my phone, my mails for a random text

just to see if someone actually cares…

Can’t seem to get a piece of my mind…

I want the kind of love that I can use as my melody…

just want to mean something for someone…

Is that a lot to ask for?

Outcast finds a home

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In this cottage we dwell,

social rejects but cupid’s recollects


They, all pronounced us misfits!

said you were an outcast, and I one of them.

Said you were good banished,

I thought you were good, cherished


I rebelled thus, and ran away, with you

to leave hunted, but forever with you

I didn’t run, I left with you

being strong enough to protect us.


It’s four now, and we still alive

In this green country,

where birds sing blues

where stars walk in cues


This, our son shall grow to love

Pick berries and shoot the doves

play with the country lads and tend the calves.

As we ride through fields and watch the herd…

That had that’s our herd!


And now I don’t care anymore

All I care about is my own,

my sweet lady

my son, Hardy

And this awesome land….

One Day

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Only in my dreams I see you

Only in my dreams I can love you without being afraid

Afraid of my friends and others who hate our happiness

I was angrier with the idea of letting you go because of them

Actions that spoke for themselves when you didn’t deny that it was for the best

That you couldn’t say no to everyone else

But you said no to the girl you loved

I couldn’t trust you enough

I couldn’t believe hard enough that you did love me

But I couldn’t trust myself to be with you

I knew you were long gone that first day I met you

I loved you

I wonder still if you will love me one day

Because I wished hard enough 

That someday I will captivate your heart

One day I will say “I love you more”