What I love about you

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I love the way you look at me,
With your beautiful brown eyes.
I love the way you make me laugh,
When no one else can.
I love the way you make me so happy,
And the way you show you care.
I love your sexy smile,
Especially when it’s for me.
I love how your always there when I need you,
And the way you show you really care about me.
I love the way you say “I LOVE YOU”
Sounding so sweet and innocent.
I love that you are with me,
And glad that you are mine!

I love you

Will My Heart Stay Healed?

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I got what I always wanted…

Which was him

He had finally said the 6 words I’ve been waiting for him to say

And it was so simple…Will You Go Out With Me?

Now I got what I wanted…Him to be my boyfriend

But now I keep wondering…

Out of all the girls he could have picked…He picked me

Why me?!

I know I should just stop worrying and be glad he’s mine

But right now I keep wondering and I can’t stop wondering…

I gonna promise him though…

I won’t treat him like his other girlfriends did…

Cheat…Make fun of him…And hurt him so much…

He means so much to me I won’t hurt him now…

And I never will…

He means so much


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Bluest sky you’ve ever seen

the sun hangs as if

in a sling

a salad of green

spreads before you

birds call out joyously

then, all of a sudden –

she stops, drops to

her knees,

snaps off a flower,

springs up,

holds it out to you,

Reality seemingly a

camera closing in

on this one detail,

and she says,

“Have you ever seen anything

like this?”


formally speaking, no

it’s beautiful

but to you

it’s¬†just another flower


and her smile

at that moment

is so much more beautiful

you proceed,

she skipping along

beside you,

looking at everything

and even though you love her,

because the timing doesn’t

seem right,

you fight the impulse

to hug her…..

Baby I love you

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I really miss you
I don’t care the differences
I love you and I need you
Am sad because I can’t see you
It doesn’t matter if your older
Am only 3 years younger
But if we are meant to be
Baby please help me
Am trapped and I can’t see
If it’s true love
Then pull me up
I need your touch
Your sweet nice talk
I need you to kiss me
And show me you miss me
And maybe I’ll see that we are meant to be
No matter where you are,
No matter where your going
Take me as you go
Take me I don’t care
I need your love out there
Baby take me out
Take me out of this town
I beg you now <\3

I could never love you </3

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I try to love him but I can’t,
I don’t know what to do
I still think about you
Why are you in my mind?
Why won’t you leave my heart?
I try to keep my balance but then I fall
I fall into your arms as if our love were meant to be
But then I think it’s wrong
Am hurting his feelings
Then I run home
And guess what I see
My love crying for me
I feel so insecure
As life is not the same
Am a monster so ashamed
And tears are falling down
While the rain is pouring now
My heart is in pieces
Because he loves me so much
While I don’t love him at all
And the pain is killing me
Because am the one to blame
I put this pain on him
Thinking we could have ever been
A happy family
But it won’t work I love another
My heart can’t take this pain no more
I need to let you go
Even if it kills
Am begging on my knees
For your forgiveness please?
I never meant to hurt you
It was not my intention
But when I said I love you
It was my past correction.

I try to love him but I cannot