Meeting and Awakening of Lost Feelings

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One regular day I saw you…

It’s as if time had stopped…

I can’t help but stare…

Suddenly you caught my attention…

Can’t help but think of you…

Your beauty that has captured my eyes…

Your simplicity that peeked my curiousity…

I felt the urge to know you…

I see you in my dreams…

Your sweet smile…

Those soft hands I long to hold…

The fast beat of my heart…

Like its about to explode whenever I see you…

I wanted to know you…

Coz I’m afraid I’d lose my mind…

If I can’t get close to you…

An unusual feeling…

A feeling that had been washed by the passing of time…

I don’t know what to do…

I can’t help but fall on my knees…

With the thought of you in my mind…

With the feelings I have long forgotten…


To the Waves

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You stand on one beach,

I stand on another

And we whisper to the waves.

The winds wash my messages to your shore.


You’re so far away

But I still hear your words.

Even distance can’t compete with this love.


I sit in the sand late at night,

Waiting for your reply;

Waiting for the tides to come in.


When a new message comes,

I feel it in the breeze.

My whole world still aches for you.


Your new life seems exciting,

The waves remind me often.

You haven’t yet asked about mine.


The tides are getting slower,

They aren’t talking much anymore,

Maybe you’re just busy.


It’s been months now,

I’m still waiting.


Now I talk to the ocean,

But the waves crash upon my words,

And the tides bring them right back to me.


Maybe they’re telling me to move on,

Or that you already have.


I have no one,

All I have is the blue.

And now I’m reading this poem to the waves.

Until Then

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I will kiss every scar on your tortured skin,

Until flowers spring from where I planted them.


I will tell you you’re beautiful again and again,

Until you look in the mirror and smile.


I will show you the beauty in even the darkest of things,

Until you see all the wonders in life.


I will sing to you softly as we lie under the moon,

Until you fall asleep in my arms.


I will hold your hand tightly every minute of the day,

Until you realise you aren’t alone.


I will love you forever with every inch of my body,

Until you learn to love yourself.

A Dream Come True

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A life time spent searching,
Searching for something of myth,
The missing pieces to my heart.
On the edge of the world ready to let go,
I found what I had been missing.

My heart whole once more,
The emptiness filled,
and my love for her swelled.

My dream has to come true,
everything I wanted she is.
I am like the moon and her the sun,
with out her I would not shine,
with out her I would would be dark.

like no one else has she has changed my life.
she has made me believe in love once more,
given me life like never before,
id give her anything,
just to be her everything.

there isn’t a girl in the world who can compare,
the only girl at which I cant help but stare,
she is my one and only.


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It is will be a distant memory – what we shared, what we loved, you and I

All will be gone as the days roll by,
all will be but faint memories.
* * *

I am happier now, I can’t complain
Life has been fair and this is true
Now and then memories of you flood my mind
It does hurt I must confess.
* * *

Here I am all alone in the park, ‘our park’
Sitting on the bench. ‘our bench’
The autumn breeze slapping gently on my skin,
blowing the dry brown leaves that were once so green, here and there

 A reminder of how we used to be, you and me.

Here I am sitting on ‘our bench’, 
our favourite spot in the park
watching the ducks scramble to be fed by passers-by
We fed them too- You and I, 
We had fun doing so
I see the swans,
your favourite swans
floating graceful on the pond, ‘our pond’
You did name one after me.

When the sun shines,
it reminds me of our walk through this park, ‘Our park’
Hand in hand, side by side –You and I
We Sway to the left, we sway to the right- you and I in our little world.

You were ever so sweet
Your sweet smiles make me forget all my worries
Yes! You had such effect on me
I never had thought a day like this would come
when I, would all by myself sit on this bench. ‘Our bench’.


Looking back I smile to myself
yes! Sweet memories
I do wonder at-times what life would have been if we were….
Maybe it is for the best
we had to part ways
you and me.

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