Doll-Faced Girl

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Doll-Faced Girl
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No one can say
Who I am
In twenty different ways
For I am
The doll-faced girl
Living in a strange world
I feel like
A doll-faced girl
Everyone paints
On my face
Leaving all the traces
Of me
Who am I?
I feel like 
A doll-faced girl
Being painted by
Some paint smiles
On my
Already tainted face
Who am I?
I will never know
Until I stop being
Such a
Doll-faced girl

The Master Painter

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The Master Painter
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As he started the day he knew
he had the biggest challenge he had ever faced,
So he chose the purist colors with no time to waste,
Each part he touched so lovingly
and made the colors come alive and beautifully bright,
And the work on this rare and lovely scene
took him well into the night,
When morning came a smile came upon his face
for he knew he was finally through,
And it was on that day “God” had blessed me
for it was then the painter you

Today I take a step foward

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Today I take a step foward
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Today I see what you really meant to me
I search and search but never find someone like you,
today I take a step forward and leave my past behind
and start a new beginning where you are not in it
I feel happy to say I don’t want to be in love again<3

Death is the end

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Death is the end
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Death is the end
of life, of love
of everything.
Death is nothing,
or rather the absence
of being.

Death is the only
Absolute conqueror.
He has never fought
A battle and lost.
He only wins
And moves on.

His victims are silent,
They cannot cry out,
Run or hide.
They must only wait
And accept.
Is it no wonder
We fear him?

Death is the end
I say, But maybe
I am wrong. Is life
The actual End of Death?
As life is beautiful.
Could not death be more so?

In the spring, Life ends death.
Could the end of our lives
Merely take us full circle
And just lead to rebirth?
A changing, if you will?