Find someone dear

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Find someone dear
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My Life is My Heart and My Soul,
My Life, It’s Short!
My Heart grows old!
My Soul is a gaping hole!
My Spirit is My Mind, and Body!
…My spirit is lost!
My Mind tells lies!
My Body Trembles and cries!
My Future is Fate and My Decision!
My Future is Now!
My Fate is Unclear!
But My decision is to find someone Dear!

Cannot Stop

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Cannot Stop
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  • Can’t stop the fire
  • Won’t drag me down
  • I won’t go without fighting
  • Not without a sound
  • Can’t hold onto me forever
  • I won’t let you now
  • You try to tie me tight
  • But I won’t go without a fight
  • When will this fight begin?
  • Will it start tonight?
  • Don’t know if I can
  • Take anymore
  • What am I fighting for?
  • Can’t stop the ice
  • From freezing me
  • Now do you see?
  • That I can’t just go and leave?

Not the Good Guy

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Not the Good Guy
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  • I’m not the good guy
  • Got secrets of my own
  • I’m never gonna tell you
  • What lies beneath the surface
  • I’d think you’d run
  • If you really knew
  • What goes on
  • Inside my mind
  • All the time
  • I’m not the good guy
  • Though
  • You like to think I am
  • I hide my true self from you
  • ‘Cause I honestly don’t know
  • What you’d do
  • If you found out
  • What lies beneath
  • That pretty little smile
  • I plaster on my face
  • I’m not a good person
  • I lie to myself
  • And to you
  • Just to prove to you
  • That
  • There’s more to me
  • Than what
  • Meets the eye


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No one sees
The real side of me
They only see
The masks I put on
I’ll never let anyone see
The center, the core
Of me
This is where all my secrets lie
My dark, vile secrets
Which I will take
To my grave
Do you have a mask?
To hide
Your most precious
And inner thoughts?
To hide from those
Sneaking and prying eyes?
Sometimes masks…
They eat you
And they
Devour you
Because you like being
Someone else
So much
You trade yourself
For that mask
And then another…
And another
Until you don’t know
Which part
The real you
Do you have a mask?
Because I do…
I have many