A Sneeze and Why

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A Sneeze and Why
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I sit and sneeze and one on-looking
blesses me, though strangers we.
I stand and moan and one my neighbor
looks askance, there is no dance.
I run and cry and one close by
stresses hard, to hide my labor.
Won’t you come and taste my cooking?
Better that, less dangers be
Hid in fry pans than in whispers,
Lost in manners. But in confidence alone
shall we bring the children home.

Why me?

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Why me?
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Despair everywhere
Horrifying dreams left to spare
Watch others despite you
Hoping there would come a new
One thing left in thought
Why me?
Why must others hate me?
Where is that key?
Key to happiness and joy
Why must it hide from me
I’m no threat
It should be kept
Mocking, teasing, laughing
In ever wanted this life
So why me?

Life is like a rose

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Life is like a rose
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Life is like a rose which comes out as a bud……..
it blossoms and spreads its fragrance and glory.
Sun shines and rain showers but it stands there, bearing and overcoming…………
Many seasons pass by; many wind touches by.
But like the flowers of lovers, It stands high……
The time comes when it has to leave.
one-by-one its petals peels off marking the end of its journey called life…..