The guys we met :)

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Today we met 3 cute guys with blue eyes
We never thought they would walk up to us and say hi
They thought we were different than all the other girls
As we kept walking down the street jealous men were looking at us 6
Jealous couples stared at us,
‘cause we had found what they couldn’t have,
and it’s them boys that look so hot.

My dera

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Maybe my desk was bare today
maybe I lost sands of time
maybe there was no room left in my heart
but there was a corner, cozy corner
in the sunset light
and a single rose lay dying there
as if placed by a playful child
the fragrance of rose
swept the room
as the window
sash was lifted by chance
the thought of you
crossed my mind
as evening dusk began to dance
with the stars
and a little bird whispered
to me as often little birds do
that I neglected to check
if the rose had a name
I peeked
and the rose’ name was you

I do not know what to say to you

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I was trying to work things out,
boy what will I do without your smile,
you’re the one that makes the day worthwhile,
‘cause I don’t know what I will do when you’re not around,
boy I don’t know what to say to you,
it’s like everything between us two is getting boring now,
& things don’t seem to be working out,
I don’t wanna cry no more, I don’t wanna be that stupid girl,
I don’t wanna live my life with stupid lies,
I wanna be alone it’s better being on my own,
I could learn from my mistakes, take a step, and take the chance,
to become a better girl and that’s just the way it’s gonna be ..

800 Bricks

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On the backs of the mountains
In little wiggly houses
Their life and their samba live
The children, men and women
Which will in the mud swim

The mud that runs down so strong
And that stops by luck alone
For the absence of a wall
Against the water’s pure storm

Those of them who survive will
Because of the brown flood scream

And all that will then changed be
Are over 800 bricks
Of cement red so vainly.

Red Bug

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I saw many adventures
Of a tiny insect,
On every single night,
On every single day.

With simple overtures,
Which people could expect,
Yet, still causing delight.

A man whose heart is pure
And always so direct,

With so little power,
Mostly gets himself wrecked
Fighting for what is right.
A hero so humane
That he often fails

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