I want you to know

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I want you to know
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On a beach
In the sun
In the rain
Or in the snow
I’ll always have your hand
And I want you to know
Im not the kind of girl
Who will use you
Im not the kind of girl
That will cheat
If you want to be just friends
That’s fine with me
We met for a reason
That I know
Whether it’s to be great friends
Or something much more
Every time I talk to you
It brings a smile on my face
But every time that happens
I wonder if you feel the same
I don’t know you that well
But what I do know is that
We have a lot in common
And I would like to know more
What I’m trying to say
Is no matter what becomes
I’ll always be there for you
And I hope you’re there for me

Somewhere special called My heart

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Somewhere special called My heart
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You are now gone with the wind, will never return, you had left forever
but don’t forget that life is clever, we will still be close somehow,
near my heart you stand, with me here until the end.

I remember the time when you were called dragon because you ate alot
but you had left and haven’t come back.

Tears will come down my face dropping down like a race,
thinking through that you are gone, I couldn’t even sing the goodbye song.
You passed away way too soon now its my turn to look at the moon,
to wish on that star for you to be in peace,

I just want to believe that
even though your not here, your still here for me,
not in this world, not in my mind, but somewhere special called “My heart”.

R.I.P :'(


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When I’m near you,
you make me laugh about the small things!
You are my cat loving, Irish-Brit.
You smile and make stupid jokes
that make me laugh through the dumbness.
You let me mess up your hair and hug you tight.
I feel like a better person when you are with me.
So, yes I know these feelings are new.
And yes I know we met only 4 months ago.
But, I just want you to know,
I feel like I’ve known you forever.
The time when I said house instead of home,
the time you caught me when I “fell” down the stairs,
I felt like I’ve known you forever :)

A Shattered Visage

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A Shattered Visage
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If ‘love’ had form, what would it look like?
It might be something like a withering rose, grhtmling onto honest tears.
No one notices, or cares; it’s only an ephemeral entity of another time.
Blood stained thorns bellowing in the triumph of the abyss;
Wilting petals deserted by red that hides from the tyrants of reality.
But if you just look at it more closely, it will reveal its innocent purity through the dried edges of oblivion.
It proclaims its presence in the most subtle and elegant fashion,
And stands proud by the law divine it once had.