Do you ever wonder?

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Do you ever wonder?
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Do you ever wonder
What it’s like
To think your ugly
Day and night
To have your self esteem
Way down low
To think nobody will ever like you
To like someone
But think later on
Are they interested in me
Or not at all
To talk to them
And they talk back
Ever wonder what’s the fact
Replying to all my texts
Do you ever wonder
Are you in the wrong place
Do you ever wonder
If it’s a true smiling face


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Hands are for helping
Hands are to hold
Hands are always there for you
Young or old
Hands can be comforting
Hands can be pain
Hands can be great friends
Or not even have a name
Hands can be big
Or hands can be small
Hands can be romantic
Or not care at all
Hands can be tattooed
Or every thing in between
Hands can be gentle
Or hands can be rough
Hands can have a talent
Or hands can have rings
Hands can be honest
Or be nasty thieves
Hands can be for hugging
Hands can be for love
Hands can be for holding
Or having a lot of fun

A helping hand

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A helping hand
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In a different country
In a different land
Someone is crying
And no help from another hand
I feel their misery,
I feel their pain,
I wish I could do something,
Even though I don’t know their names,
Stop your crying
Dear friend of mine,
I’ll be your heart, soul, and mind,
We don’t know each other,
But just keep in mind,
That it’s the truth,
Everything that I said,
In a different country,
In a different land,
Know that I’ll always,
Lend a helping hand


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This is a world of darkness

Yet, it is a world of brightness.

People wonder in days

Animals look for months

I am here walking on my own

I am here to find my path

Where do I go?

Where do I stay?

Is there something I called home?

Is there anything I called friend?

My human nature is nothing

Humans I met don’t know

Where do I stand on the line?

Here I am all over again.

Where do I start?

Where do I end?