They Wonder Why

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They wonder why I cry Why I keep myself away
Away from them Locked into myself
Deep inside they know the truth
But they are too ashamed Afraid
Afraid of what may be If truth is revealed
I can’t call them my own
No trust is there in me
For them Never do I look back
Never do I look into their eyes
I go….never near
Fear was inside Pain crept aside
Now nothing is left No anger nor hate
For I am better than them I know the truth
I felt the pain I feel now nothing for them
I am better than them I am not like them
They only give…Tears Pain Headache and SHAME

It was only a dream <3

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IĀ fell in love with the first hello, I cried when you said goodbye,

I tried so hard to get you back. I began to realize you would not be back.

I cried for days and that’s the truth, I thought that I could deal with you,

I figured out that our love was strong, but in my head everything went wrong,

Those breakup days did not go well, it wasn’t what I wanted.

It started off worse than a show and it never seemed to end, until one day arrived

It was the day you called my phone and I… not knowing it was you, picked it up and said hello.

I heard your voice and started to cry, all those memories went back to my mind where I would only see your face and I realized everything was a mistake.

And when I woke up I realized it was only a bad dream, and soon I knew that you were there standing at the door as I stared at you.

You told me everything would be alright and I knew you weren’t lying because I saw you by my side.

I think it is love

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As you hold me close, don’t let me go,

don’t leave my side, your in my mind,

kissing those sweet soft lips,

and wanting more and more,

I thought that it was just a crush,

but it has become more than that,

I think it is love, some how it shows that I want you,

but I am not sure if you want me,

I will change for you , I will take the chance ,

I will make a change just to be right by your side,

because I love you with all my heart

So please don’t stray away. I don’t wanna deal with it,

I just want you to know that my heart was shut but now its open just for you <3