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My heart is heavy
My mind is busy
My head is pounding hard
All because I worry about what tomorrow may or my not be.

I toil hard under the sun
 All because I worry about what tomorrow may or may not be.

I found me friends
I lost me friends
I made few more
I lost a handful more
All because I worry about what tomorrow may or may not be.

I hope and I pray
I pray , I have faith
I sing and I praise
And I worship too
All because I know YOU own my tomorrow.

I Know

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You say that you are broken and lost?
You say that you have nothing left in cost?
You say that no one understands you?
That no one can comprehend your view?
Well, listen to me if you will please,
A moment that might put you at ease.
With pain and despair that burns inside
Living each day with a sighed,
I truly understand your reason
Why you feel like you live in treason.
I, too, had feel like you today
For many of my days were too, grey.
But know that the world will not change
For we are always, in its eyes, strange.
But despite our very own ignorance,
We can still always find tolerance.
Like the sun that shines through the dark rain,
You will make it through without a strain.
The pain is only for a moment,
For time will never become frozen.
The ache in your chest is temporary,
Giving you strength and honorary.
You will make it through these cold, dark days.
I know very well your heart will blaze.
The end is near right before your eyes.
I know, for you, there’s a waiting prize.
Once the pain is all over and gone,
Soon you will smile without a yawn.
Why do I know, you may wonder so?
Because I understand your sad woes.
I know because I have been there too.
And I’m on the edge of making it through.


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What’s the fate of you and I?

Of him

Or her

Don’t you ever wonder?

Wonder what it’s like to be this person or that person.

Wonder why they act the way they do?

Wonder about their whole life?

I wonder…

What’s the fate of every single person on this planet?

What can be said about these people…

Why so many of them don’t even care

Care about nothing, but themselves

Hypocrites that’s what I see

But so am I.

It’s easy to be so vile and spiteful because let’s face it,

It’s better that way.




A Waltz in Recovery

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Dance with the devil

Play with the flame

Feelings can’t touch you

When it’s only a game.


Let’s flirt with danger

Just to tempt fate

Forget the future

Caution can wait.


Avoid your demons

Run from the past

Smile at destruction

Die young, live fast.


Your mind is a prison

The key made of ice

You pray for escape

And then pay the price.


Misery caught you

Lonesome, you cry

Reality sets in

You’re living a lie.


Lost in regret

Consumed by no hope

You’re shaking and soulless

Unable to cope.


Screaming with silence

You slip on a lie

And stripped of your dignity,

“help me,” you cry.