I wish you could

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I wish you could
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I wish you could come home to me every night

I wish you could fill the empty space in my bed

I wish you could hold me tight in your arms every night

I wish you could kiss me goodnight


I wish you could show me tonight

What is right

And look into my eyes until I fall asleep


I wish you could

I wish you could

Upon Consideration

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Upon Consideration
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Upon consideration, my dear,

I put down my book to face you,

knowing I’m forever inadequate

to the task

you smile, knowing the vaudeville of my ways,

the rhythm of my speech, the stops,

the starts, the rhetorical pauses,

the sheer shameless repetition

– routine and rigmarole –

you know it all upside down

and backwards

the depth of your eyes speaks to me,

saying, “It’s all right.  I know

who and what you are.

You don’t have to pretend.

Your alpha and omega don’t bug me.”

and yet I feel sheepish,

not knowing at times who you

really are.

sometimes I suspect Nixon

rummaged through the tapes of your life,

erasing some of them

– just to bug me, you understand –

and when I press

you retreat with a smile

as if to say, ” some things are

better left unsaid.”

I don’t know what to do

for now let’s do nothing

your hands

imprison mine

I feel your warmth

and the steady throb

of your heart…..

When I…

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When I…
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When I reach for the sky, I find hope inside of me.

When I stared at the sun, I find the light within me.

When I feel the wind on my skin, I feel free.

When I look back into my past, I smiled to thanks for it.

When I touch the tip inside of me, I find darkness.

When I reach in deeper of me, I find the stories of light.

When I smiled and remember, I cried of happiness.

When I look around me, I hope for a better day.

When I cry alone, I believe someone’s comforting.

When I ran my fingers through my soul, I find the other me locked.

When I smile of calmness, I feel life runs smoothly.

When I give up, I remind myself to always go on forward.

When I go on forward, I remind myself that I took the risk.

When I am surrounded by others, I smiled and wish them to shine.

When I stand alone to get this far, I stand alone tall.

When Someone Dies

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When Someone Dies
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When someone dies, how many people notice?
How many people do something?
How many people morn them?
I’m not talking about big cases like OJ Simpson, or Casey Anthony.
I mean tiny ones, like getting hit by a car, cancer, passing in your sleep.
The things no one hears about.
The things no one wants to.
Every little suicide that’s big to the family.
Every grandparent, every miscarriage, effects someone.
But how many people would care?
How many would go to the funeral?
How many are just faking?
When you say “I’m sorry” are you really?
Most people like to think the world is good, some have seen its dark side.
The shootings, the rape, the murder, the genocide, the racism, the ghetto, the bullies, the abuse, the way that people hate,
If it could all just end,
If we could all care about one death,
Everyone care about just one.
And I think my job would be done.

Seeking Truth Frozen

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Seeking Truth Frozen
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Frozen in the touch of everything,

I’m lost and confused about life itself.

Finding the truth is hard to seek,

Like a lost child searching for a lost toy.

I don’t know what’s true anymore,

As time goes on and becomes faded.

Stories pass, truth to lies, and tear to weep.

What’s to say that problems messed me up?

Lies are everywhere to see as true.

Tears of rain stopped to know and think.

Eyes to hear the thunder is fake.

So, what is true and what is not?

Is what I seek is false?

Is what I seek is true enough?

Am I trying hard enough to find the truth?

It’s just a simple thing I want inside.

As to know what I know enough,

How come my mind won’t give it a rest or two?

Seeking the truth is hard to find,

To make me cry so much at night.