The Redeemer Rescued Me

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The Redeemer Rescued Me
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Weak and alone

No one to blame but my own flesh
for my mistakes that I’ve made

For the wrong I have done,
and the person I have become

It’s all washed away

Every mistake I have made
and the wrong I have done
I come to the cross, I lay it down
There is only one way, one………
Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.
I am strong, and I am free

The redeemer rescued me
I am free
Free indeed

The redeemer rescued me!!!
And I am Free

You paint me Blues :(

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You paint me Blues :(
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Desperate for changing

Got this hunger for truth…

Sometimes I just wish when everything in love gets so complicated, a day, a moment only can change it….

How in life you can try hard to live, with hopes, but end up in the same place?

There’s always a thing, a mistake that makes you come where you started

How do I end up in the same place??

Why am I making the same exact mistakes?

The tears in my eyes I can’t fight back,

Shaking ground I am standing, I swear you were all I needed, you are all I ever need

Once again you paint me Blues when all I ever give you was love.

I wonder why just like the seasons, people always change, never stay the same….

Why do I have to wake my old demons, why did I fall for you again :(

Don’t get me wrong I can be strong, I can be tough

but with you it is just something else…

Sleepless I am, waiting, wishing you were right here

Baby find me here

Get me through this one.

It is like the sky is bleeding above me, and I am blistered…

They say silence is golden, but hun, Loneliness never shine…

Get me through this one

The Dream that Changed my Life

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The Dream that Changed my Life
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Purple neon skies,

Rolling sandy dooms,

Bloodline across the horizon,

I find bliss in an euphoric red land.


I look across the desert.

There they sit, lonely,

Glowing Orange-


In that glance I uncover my destiny,

My reason my meaning my Orange doors,

The glowing doors to perception.


Across the desert,

Into love.

With hope in my heart I walk into love.


I arrive at the Egyptian doors,

My final escape,

And I lay with them.

I lie with them in the desert and watch the sky,

Still thriving with Purple.

I watch the Stars tingle eagerly.

I watch the Moon, her ancient damaged soul at ease,

Inching closer to freedom’s Bloodline.


I lie and I wait for that spark in the back of my mind,

For the end of time.


Immortality will shine through my doors,

And carry me through the Purple neon skies.

I’ll fall in love with the Moon.

I’ll kiss all the tingling Stars.

I’ll dance with the Energy


Exploration through eternal cosmos and my mind will begin.

Fallen Girl

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Fallen Girl
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Her once dear love has forsaken her

She has no more purpose to live another day

He left her without an explanation

She asks why?

Why did this happen?

Her heart is shot

Her mind is blank

Her eyes gave way to tears

Her soul is torn apart

Her thoughts run wild yet they are blank

Stained with death

In itself its beautiful bliss

She will not suffer

She loves him so and yet he has deserted her why?

Cruel were his intentions were they not?

To leave her

She gave him everything and he took it

Took it all and escaped

Left her to die alone

She lies down to meet her death

She fears not

She only seeks it now

Seeks bliss beyond pain


Drifting in the cosmos

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Drifting in the cosmos
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Drifting in the cosmos,

Dancing, sifting through stars,

I didn’t know I could smile this hard.

I can feel myself radiating warmth,

But the air around me is cold,

I laugh when I realize the cold doesn’t faze me.

I glance into the distance,

Back at earth.

And laugh because I get to float over Jupiter