Battle Cry

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Battle Cry
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We are our teenage desires

We are carnal

We are impulsive

Young and blind and infinite

And we don’t care.

I can’t care that you’re disappointed.

So we revel in the beauty

And tremble with anticipation

Waiting for something life changing.

We must grasp the opportunity

Capture the explosion

And chase the thrill of the aftershock,

Every single night,

Until the dawn arises.

The End (of the Evening, That Is)

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The End (of the Evening, That Is)
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Your last relative is gone –

they certainly took their time,

didn’t they? – you sit at the table,

chin on knuckles, looking

as miserable as hell – and when I

offer a sweating mug of coffee

you look up with a petulant flip

of your hair, then take it

with a sigh, sneering,


anything to be of service, I guess

I stand there, feeling like

the goof I am, eyebrows raised,

mouth open – I’d like to say

something testy but think better of it

I’m poised as if to brace

for an oncoming blow

but nothing forthcoming

you just sit there, looking into

the damn thing as if determined to

fish out something a little dirty

and a lot incriminating

you don’t find it, sigh again,

and stir the coffee with your spoon

even though you put nothing in it

I too am reduced to sighing –

I pull up and sit down to

face the consequences, such as they are

if you have words

they aren’t civil ones, no doubt

we could be here a long time

I start to whistle

your shoot me a glare,

putting a quick end to that

I tap a very tentative

reveille on the table top

knowing nothing I could say would matter,

I don’t know what to say anyhow

or even what the hell is wrong

we’ll be counting many hours

before we’ll be counting sheep

I might as well take the occasion

to settle back, study the stern beauty of your face,

and swim the molten pools

of your eyes….

Don’t Say You, “Didn’t Know”

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Don’t Say You, “Didn’t Know”
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If you died tomorrow
not believing in Him
Would you go to hell? Do you really care? Flames as red as a rose
no where else to go..You misunderstood the Bible
Said you really didn’t know….Said you could handle your life on your own

So go on, go on
but don’t come
knocking on heavens door
saying you “didn’t know”

El Shaddai

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El Shaddai
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Who…. would do such a thing, as to give his own Son? Showers of mercy and grace, to undeserving ones

He was nailed on a cross, with a crown made of thorns

Bore all of our sins, to bring peace to this world

Pure and holy, the only One…. God Almighty

Worthy of all glory…. and praise to the King of Kings

He is the only One….. Prince of Peace… El Shaddai

He lives on high, be lifted up……El Shaddai


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I am more than you can afford.
I am the sunlight that comes through the Darkest night.
I am the hope when you don’t have any.
I am the peace that comes to mind even in Troubled times.
I am your salvation that set you free I am the Night and morning twilight I am the stars that Twinkle in the night I am who they make me to be…