A perfect gift

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A perfect gift
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A child was born

in Bethlehem.

To a virgin who didn’t know

she was raising

the Holy Lamb!

Hope was born on Christmas Day

And that is why we celebrate

The Spotless Lamb

who did no wrong

Would soon pay the cost for us all

He was crushed for our sins

Pierced for our transgressions

The Perfect Gift

the Holy Lamb



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My world’s falling. I am too

The ground’s shaking. I’m going down

The world I’ve left behind

Is controlling my mind.

I’m giving shame and guilt too much time

I’m trading peace for what my minds telling me

It’s time to let God control me

Why control what’s not mine to control

It’s time to let go

Time to let go of being ashamed of who I am

Time to let go of the guilt I put on Myself

It’s time to let you go


The Thousands

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The Thousands
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Thousands of people die as we sleep

Thousands of people go hungry as we speak

How can we think about me, me, me

When thousands of people are suffering.

How can we be so cruel?

When thousands of people are dying in this world

Suffering to get food, dying to find food

Walking the mile just to walk it back again

Trying to find a safe place for her baby girl

Innocent and poor, innocent and poor

Laying on the floor, skin and bones

Nothing more, nothing more

Yet…hoping and praying is all that keeps them going

Hoping for the best, praying for the rest, praying for the rest

Little kids coming home from school

To find nothing more than their parents dying on the floor, dying on the floor

Getting robbed of what they do have

To get nothing but a disease, nothing but a disease

That slowly kills, slowly kills

Thousands of people die today

Trying to survive the pain

Survive the pain

Thousands of people die everyday

And we slowly forget them, slowly forget them

Forget that they were soldiers for the LORD

Trying to survive this world.

Survive this world

tribute for the African communities

If Only

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If Only
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If only I could see you one more time,

Before I had to lose you forever

If only I could hear your voice, one last time,

To let me know I wasn’t gone

If only I could feel you, just once more,

Before you slipped out of my grasp

If only I could tell you, three simple words,

For a final time, before I die

If only I could tell you how much I love you…


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I sneak outside

And tiptoe down the stairs

Past my sleeping parents

To keep them unaware


I grab my parka, yellow and blue

While racing to get to that somewhere

For I can hear the rains coming

And I must beat them there


I see his tall figure

A silhouette in the night

His handsome strong grace

In the shadowed moonlight


I run to meet him

For I was scared

He would not meet me

No matter how much he cared


Smiling up into his lovely face

The first drop falls As we embrace

And it begins to rain.