Fear Does Exist

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Fear Does Exist
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A chill on your skin to your bones

Is something to fear

There is nothing left to fear, but the dark

The light no longer lingers therefore it does not exist

Fear of the dark, which is the place that the shadows live

The shadow’s heart is hollow therefore it feels no pain

With no pain there is no remorse

See the sorrow in their eyes

For they are true

One thing is true

Fear does exist.

A Repeat in Time

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A Repeat in Time
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I can feel the pain swelling deep inside of me

I get so confused I don’t know if I should cry or scream

But we both know that won’t do a thing

I get so confused it seems that

I’m going around in circles

That my life is the same

It’s the same repeat over and over again

The pain still has not disappeared I don’t know how to get rid of it

What should I do?

I get weaker by the day

from the lack of sleep

I don’t know if i am going crazy or what

The world seems different when your in pain.

Why are you trying?

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Why are you trying?
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I hate who I loved.

Suppressed and close minded,

I hate that I’m his.

And another,

To eager for me to respect,

Too stupid for me to have trusted.

I hate who I loved.

I find so much comfort in knowing that everything will eventually stop.

They’ll all give up,

I’ll live a life full of what you call mistakes,

Then I’ll die.

We can’t screw up our lives when our destiny is a downfall.

Kenny’s House.

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Kenny’s House.
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Three windows,

each one higher than the next,

each one showing more telephone wires and cloud.


A lock and handle,

Speckled by time and grime,

on the door that separates cold and warm,

wet and dry.


There are cracks in the paint equal to the cracks in the safety,

the cracks in the wholesomeness.


It’s still a haven.