More than just real!!!

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More than just real!!!
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I wish I could just tell you how I feel.
Like my Love for you is Just so real. When I see you face to face
the whole world stops in space. Its more than just real
I know
Its more than just real.

Your the Shooting star that shoots through
my veins.

The butterflies I get.

All the things that I would do Just to tell you this.

Your the reason that I’m saying this
Your everything I need.

I wish I could just tell you this
so that you could see
its more than just real for me <3


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I stood the blocks end to end,

spelling your name

you walked into the room,

put hands on hips,

looked at the blocks

with a hard twisted little smile,

said “That’s not my name!”,

gave the blocks a good kick,

spun on your heels,

and made to depart

“Who are you then?”

I called after you

“I’m still trying to figure that out,”

you replied

with a laugh….


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Sometimes my life feels like I’m being controlled,

like I am a puppet on strings, controlled by a puppet master,

but I will break free….someday…

I’ll be free to make my own choices,

i’ll be free to control my life, now its time I will break free,

its time to make my choices to make mistakes,

now its up to me to choose what’s right from wrong, its time to live my life