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Locked away in silence

Makes me want to let go of all my sorrow

I try to break the chains but they won’t let go

As the days go on the days go on

Trapped in dark, silence

Makes me weak

Since I am weak

I can hear the screams of pain

I can still hear

the tempting voices

calling my name

I try to fight, but eventually I fell in

In the end I guess I had to fall

Can’t Forget that day

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Can’t Forget that day
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Why do I waste my time thinking about you??
Its like I’m Stuck in a dream, A dream that will never come true.
Your the sun, And the moon, The stars in the sky.
And There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do to be close to you.
I can’t forget the breath you’ve taken away.
You seem to always Look my way.
I can’t forget that Look on your Face.
Its imprinted on my Heart,
And it was, It was from the start.
The very Moment You and I looked into each other’s Eye’s

And I Can’t forget, Oh I can’t forget
And I hope you feel the same.

I Can’t forget that Day!!!!!

Love, put the knife down

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Love, put the knife down
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Love, put the knife down, don’t take that step.

The step you’re taking today.

You say “no one loves you,

no one cares, no one can feel what you feel.”

So, you take pills every day to take the pain away.

You cut yourself every day to make it all feel ok.

You cry yourself to sleep saying over and over

“I’m better off dying.”

It’s the lie! saying this is the only way to feel ok.

But, if you knew that there’s a God that love’s you,

maybe, just maybe, you would, you could feel ok.

So, drop the knife today!

Saturday, January


Darkness surrounds her

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Darkness surrounds her
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She sits up straight
trying to hide her tears.
Darkness surrounds her.
She tries to find the light
but she can’t find it anywhere.
The littlest happiness she gets
soon walks out the Door.
Oh lord help me!
I’m crying out for
that little sign to show me
you are alive!
If theres a way to show me what i’ve done
Please. lord, Please.
What have I become?