God’s Colors

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God’s Colors
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Earth wouldn’t be as beautiful
if all God’s flowers were blue.
If rainbows were only yellow
that would be a sad thing too.
Suppose the ocean and the sky
were just the color white.
And everyone on Earth wore black.
Wouldn’t that be a sight?
God made the beautiful flowers
many colors, not just blue.
And He colored all his children
different colors too.
Whether we are white or black,
or as green as peas in a pod,
all of us are beautiful
in the sight of God.

Our Favorite Recipe

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Our Favorite Recipe
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Put a man who’s good and wholesome
into a mixing pan.
Then, add one woman full of love
and blend well with the man.
Add any children of the man,
and the woman’s children too.
Stir them all together
as you would a pot of stew.
Then a little bit of sugar
and fourteen cups of love.
Sprinkle in some blessings
from the heavens high above.
When you have completed
this amazing recipe,
you will have created
a blended family.

Four more years ’till I can toss rocks.

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Four more years ’till I can toss rocks.
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Our talk at dinner made me laugh.

I don’t believe in your narrow vision,

So how can you expect me to follow it?

I’m gonna toss rocks and eat cinnamon,

I’ll do a lot worse in my lifetime.

You know i will.

It’s funny that you keep trying.

Broken – by Ashley

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Broken – by Ashley
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If you weigh your heart

Would your heart weigh more than the amount

of lies you have told yourself?

How many hearts have you broken?

How many lies have you told to others?

It seems like no one knows who you are anymore

If you just listen to your heart and to no one else

Your will eventually heal

Some people say that laughter is the best medicine

but i don’t think that will heal your broken heart

You think that lying is a good thing

You think lying gets you out of things

It doesn’t, It just makes you weaker

If you continue to lie you will never

be true to yourself but to the lie you have put on yourself

If you listen to your heart someday your heart will be whole

Until then your heart will remain broken.