Remember Those Days

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Remember Those Days
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When I do remember that day once again,

You always have to promise me that I’m here.

Don’t let me forget everything that had happened.

The joy, the sadness, the laughter, the tears.

Just let me remember those days that happen,

For confusion lurks within me to the end.

Smile for me  and promise me that I’m here.

Always the littlest things will always be forgotten,

Yet will be remembered in time as for now.

Tell me of those times I used to have,

For the past are further against us today.

When I do remember that day once again,

Promise me that you’ll still be there,

And let me know that those days happened,

…That they all happened for a reason.

With tears flowing as I smiled back to those times,

Both good and bad that happened and shall happen.

Hold My Hand

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Hold My Hand
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Hold my hand and travel through the darkness

Hold my hand and travel through the dreams

You have nothing to fear

Don’t be scared

Don’t cry my dear

Nothing will harm you

As long as I am here with you

Don’t cry I’m right here beside you

To wipe your tears away

Don’t be scared I’m right here

To fight all of your fears

There is nothing to fear

We are the light

Don’t scream my dear

There is nothing here but the darkness

Long ways from home we are in darkness

To banish it from the world

My dear don’t be scared I’m right here with you

To protect you from all harm

Hold my hand and you have

nothing to fear

The End Of Me

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The End Of Me
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I always knew that I would never part

but the darkness lays upon my heart

I try to travel to the light

but something pulls me with all their might

I never knew I would be scared of the night

The shadows are too strong so I can’t fight

I wonder if this is the end of  me

Darkness is all I see

For I am swallowed in darkness

Live the Light

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Live the Light
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Tormented and abused till I am weak

I am falling from all the pain

that has been gained

Day by day, night by night

I lose sight of who I am

I think of myself weak and useless

Someone with no meaning

I have no strength to look in the light so I can feel safe

But sometimes I wonder if there really was a light

Then a soft whisper in my ear telling me

Don’t get drawn in the darkness

Live the light for it lives deep inside of you

You are strong not weak

I have the power to set myself free

And to live the light.