Blink Of An Eye

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Blink Of An Eye
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Blink of an eye In a blink of an eye death will appear.

The shadows will pull u in. in a place where fear only exist.

In a blink of an eye your dreams can turn into your nightmares.

In a blink of an eye your heart will be filled with sorrow.

In a blink of an eye your life will change.

 In an instant your mind goes numb,

then you can no longer blink


How could I face another day?

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How could I face another day?
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I did it again…

The same mistake…

Just different faces…

different places, different times…

yes, my choice it was…

Now how could I face another day?

How to still have faith where I misleading again??

Enough is just enough…

How many of that I have to take to finally get there??

To finally be there…

Silences, I was never afraid of…

But now all seem too dark…

Grudge, I would not hold…

Moving on for me, it’s a privilege I wish I can bear…

Yet, able I appear to be…

but I am standing on shaky ground…

I am growing weaker as time goes on…

How could I face another day?

But hey

What has been, has been. What is now is now. The rest is still unwritten…..

The Tell Tale

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The Tell Tale
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In a place where nothing seems to grow

Ashes cover what was there

Haunted by the loss and by the past

Trying to survive physically and emotionally

In a place where I may not belong

By staining dark images on my skin

I erase the person who I once was

In a life unknown

I begin to learn the meaning of love

Love is strong with the people around

I begin to get strong enough to tell my tale