Pointing The Finger

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Pointing The Finger
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Your always taking sides
and pointing the finger at me
why can’t we go back to the way we used to be?
i know i have done wrong
but i don’t want you to cry when I’m long gone
i make sure that your negative feelings don’t get to me
because its my anger i don’t want you to see
i don’t want your pity
don’t look me in the eyes
because i don’t want you to see the tears inside
your always taking sides
and pointing the finger at me
why can’t we go back to the way we used to be….

Just a Dream – by Greg Cameron

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Just a Dream – by Greg Cameron
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I dreamed we were running

in a field under a sky

so vast, so blue

it could have been painted

the birds flitting overhead

wished us well

the trees waved at a distance

finally we threw ourselves

on the ground, laughing

not caring if Nature were

rubbing itself off on us

or ants were climbing

into our clothes

we rolled and rolled

till at last we rolled

into each other’s arms

and we rocked with joy

let go, lay back,

gave ourselves with abandon

to the sky

then rolled over

and I picked his flower

– a wild flower, a humble thing

but beautiful

we looked it over

and turned it over and over,

glorying in its miracle

then I looked at you,

ran my hands through your hair,

teased your nose just a little,

then ran my fingers under your chin

and kissed you

full, hard, salty

my face leaning into yours

before finally letting go

and telling you

I loved you, how beautiful you were,

there was no one – no one – else

like you in the world

you didn’t laugh

or say how corny it was

or sneer

or roll your eyes

– and under a relentless sun

we held on to each other

like children huddling against

the Terrors of the World

I saw nothing but love and trust

in your eyes

– it was just a Dream…..

The human race

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Why do we hurt each other?
Are we bound to do it?
I’ll show you what has happened…
Throughout history…
There was War…
For Beliefs…
For Nationalism…
For Politics…
What has it brought us?
The Slaughter of millions…
Ever-lasting hatred…
More problems that keep stacking up…
Peace was considered too slow and inefficient,
But War brought more suffering than thought possible…
Did we do it for the Lord?
To create a New World Order?
To control others’ will?

Those who kill in the name of God…
Use all methods necessary
To glorify the acts of cruelty.
To their believers…
These people are “heroes”,
But at what cost?

Those who kill in the name of purity…
Exterminate all traces of the “vermin”.
But those “leaders” of the extermination
Are only as justified as they force others to believe them to be…

Those who wish to gain political influence,
Like the Argentinean Generals,
Will point guns at their own people’s mouths…
Just to silence them.

Robert F. Kennedy said,
But we can perhaps remember,
if only for a time,
that those who live with us are our brothers,
and surely we can begin to work a little harder
to bind up the wounds among us
and to become in our own hearts
brothers and countrymen once again.

In the end,
There are no
“True Believers”,
No “Non-Believers”,
No “Jews”,
No “Aryans”,
No “Blacks”,
No “Whites”,
No …
There is only one race for us:
What is it?
What could it be?
It is…
The Human Race.


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I ask and ask

But never receive an answer

The answer is simple though

Its right in front of me

As clear as snow

I am different

I am special

I am… me

I am not cool

nor popular

I am nothing of favorable character

I am me

I am the boy who is not cool

Who is not like the other boys

I am me

I am unique and special

I am not one you would be likely to be seen with

Why oh why should it affect me

Why oh why

I may cry or weep

and little should I seek

that being me is what makes me unique

I am me

No one else can change it