Memories Shared

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Once lost can be gained

Once it was gained was it lost to begin with

Trapped in your heart

the things that were once lost

will never be lost again.

The hole that was once there

is now filled with the memories that

were once there, but forgotten.

Those memories make you human

the emotion of love, trust, and happiness

are still there and those are the things that make you

who you are…

A loved one may be gone physically

but emotionally and mentally

they will never be gone just

as long you believe in yourself

and in the memories that were

once shared.

Right Things

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I suppose this is the part where we

play responsible adults,

we face the world as it really is,

we join hands, and I

try really really hard to say and do

the right things

now that would be something,

wouldn’t it?

you glower at me in that

“why don’t you just grow up?”

sort of way of yours

and, of course, you have some point

but would I be blowing anyone’s gaff here

if I were to point out

we’re all just pretending,

everything here’s an illusion,

we’re really still in a sandbox,

fighting over plastic toys, coloured pieces

of candy, and who ‘owns’ what corner

of the sandbox,

and who the hell are we kidding,

why do we go on pretending,

and why do we think we really know

how the world works

and we’re completely lost

and we all just want to

curl up into a ball and cry

and we know Time isn’t on our side

so we just make it up as we go along

and maybe things will work out, sort of?

– you give me a sharp jerk on the arm

so I guess it’s time I buck up

and face what everybody seems to agree

are the ‘facts’….


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She tries to hold everything in but nothing works.

She wants to cry but nothing comes out.

she wants to scream but no sound is heard.

She looks into the mirror and sees nothing but a girl who just wants to be beautiful

She tries to look good and ignore the things on her body that makes her ugly.

Nothing ever works; Her mind is made up that she’s hideous

Her body isn’t skinny and her face isn’t flawless.

Her smile isn’t straight and her hair never stays in place

She just is trying to find a spot in this world where she can fit in