Her sorrow ..

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The rain drops In her window

I can’t believe my eyes
It’s true …
It’s on tv , it’s on the news
How could you be so cruel
Oh you
You abuse her , disapprove her, and confuse her
Then you come into my bed at night
She was an angel
How could you use her
How can you not care
How are you so heartless
Why are you still living?
She was an angel
From above
She was just 8 years old
How can you do that
To your own blood
A father to daughter
You should burn In hell
Why did you beat her
Why did you leave her
When you were the only one
To be there with her
You should die
And she won’t cry
Because for once
She will realize
That life is stunning
In its own way
And you don’t need sorrow
When all you have is pain
Sometimes it’s better to let it rain..

Understanding Nothing

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Where has my mind gone?
away to the year I cannot mention
things used to seem so clear
now they are yet far towards
god knows or probably not

I don’t always understand
how I can’t stand out there
leaning constantly aside
this unreasonable scatterbrained stupidity

Can I come back now?
Why I could Choose either
Why not because I’m unsure
The sure in me says too soon

indefinite hours over and over
I don’t f*cking care why do you
seamlessly repeating, repeating
injustices to enter licking our eardrums

Can the brain hear me?
I would advise otherwise
not to mention all the disregard
for all human life that surrounds
every one of us every single
god damn, black, white, Jew, brown
hallelujah says the foolish, hallelujah
says the wounded scholar

who opens with such loyal disdain
friendship only then can pick nothing up
is that what you weren’t taught?

did you not listen in between
your margin lines and inexplicably
rummaging through the core of your
very being? what can you really say now?
what can you really say after all is finally written?

You can mean everything
but what is everything?
everything is nothing at all?
I have to hear nothing at all

We all exist in the end
will hear nothing just a minuscule
flash of f*cking existence
that we all cannot explain
and will never reach valid explanation

When you hear the wood of your floors
explaining, then will you really discover?
is that even a question?

Fallen Angel by Ashley

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With a knife in my hand, my heart is pounding in my chest.

With my angel wings black as night i stalk the night searing for more.

I was an angel. I was something. I am nothing. Now I am a fallen angel.

My wings are black they’re no longer white. ‘Oh I wish that they were.

Stained from all my sin my wings wrap around me as I walk the Earth.

I walk the Earth to beg for forgiveness.

I walk the Earth day and night finding a way to heal my tainted wings.

But little did I know that my wings weren’t the only things tainted.

My heart is tainted as well.

I walk the Earth begging for forgiveness.

But now I know that I will never walk with the others.

I walk the Earth because my heart is tainted.

My heart is tainted because I’m a fallen angel.

And I will always be a fallen angel.

The Sacrifice

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I know the sacrifice of love

I know the sacrifice of love

and I’m willing to give it up

just to hold your hand one more time

I know the sacrifice of life

I know the sacrifice of life

and I’m willing to give it up

just to have you by my side

shielding me from all the pain.

I know the sacrifice

I know the sacrifice

and I’m willing to give it up

just to see you smile once again

just to see you smile

once again.