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Fight for what?

What’s there to fight for?

When this world can be so cruel

So fast

Without any hesitation

Those people out there.. knock anyone down who dares to defy anything that isn’t to their pleasing


Because they know no evil

Do you see?

See those red, puffy, unblinking eyes

Eyes of the punished

Eyes of the innocent

Who have fought and fought

And fought again just to stay alive each and every day

Does anyone care?

No, never …


I’m Black & I’m Proud! :)

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I’m Black
I’m Unique
I’m proud
I’m the milky smooth brown in a chocolate bar

My hair is Black & My hair is Short
All of my hair is Good.!

I’m Black
I’m Unique
I’m Proud

My eyes are the delicious browny in a chocolate bar

I’m Black
I’m Unique
I’m Proud

I come from ancient black kings & Queens.
I come From Sahara Desert Africa.

I’m proud to be me
I’m Proud to say who I am.
I’m Proud to say it out loud” I’m Black & I’m Proud”

I’m black
I’m Unique
I’m Proud

Un temporary Love!!

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Till death …may we rest, Then forever more.

The Victory Is The Lord’s. Cry Holy, Holy, Holy,

 Save our soul’s, Let the Fire Fall, The lion roar.

 worthy, worthy, worthy, Is the Lord God Almighty.

Lord of Lord’s, King of king’s. The time is coming, And is now here.

lift up your voices, You saint’s, And Join the endless praise.

Time of celebration and jubilee.

 Dance, Sing. Let our Praise be endlessly. To our Love to be..

 That will last forever Un temporary.

So dance, Sing. Let us not stop for the Glory of the Lord has fallen on us.

The time is coming, The time is now.

Bow down, Say your vow, Make way, Crown him now.

Un temporary love to be.

Shown in glory, Let him be,

 Jesus Christ. Lord of Lord’s King of king’s!!!!

Towards a new goal..

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Situations are always hunting me
i couldn’t find my way out
things will go worst if this continues..
don’t know how to handle all these
but everything is just waste of time
i have a long way to go
and i know there are very many things
much things that i can do
just to show this world that
someone like me ..lived here
and so getting prepared myself
to face every no’s and yes’s
towards a new goal
and i know, i am not alone
my love is always there for me..