Maybe This will be the Morning

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Another December morning,
I’ve been here before,
I see you awakening beside me,

Maybe this will be the morning,
The morning you finally break the horizon,
And clear the winter clouds above,

Maybe this will be the morning,
You warm the fog I lay in,
And rid of all the dew that keeps me wet,

And maybe this will be the morning,
You share the light you’ve only teased me with,
And give me the warmth you’ve only promised.

From point A to point B

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Seems the message has lost its clarity,
I hide behind my sarcasm, a poor man’s prosperity,
Irritating….My insecurities buzzing like flies,
I’d seem more sincere if I could look you in the eyes,
But it feels like trespassing…I cannot decide on this or that,
Just a drifter looking for the welcome mat,
Your answer seems so pre-defined so why bother ask?
I should quit while Im ahead and put on my mask,
But yet I sit and think of what I’d say,
About how much i like you, I dream of the day,
But when the day comes, I don’t come clean,
I protect myself, say things I don’t mean,
Trying to find my point? Pick your spots,
There hidden in my stumbling words and misleading thoughts,
Don’t know what to say? I’ve probably confused you,
Just blame it on me…..I always do.


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The color of mother’s hair is given to me
It returns to the original white
The look in father’s eyes is passed on me
It shows the indifference of old face
A very beautiful name
A place I was attached to
When lights are off one by one
except one
When every door is closed tightly
except one
There is only one yellow light
There is only one unlocked door
Wherever I fly to or go across
As long as I turn around
There is always a light, behind a door
Just because it has a very beautiful name
It has the width and tenderness of the sea