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Walking backwards barefooted through the grass
our memories become blindfolded
and emotions become nameless

Let’s press rewind
go back to the start

As the butterflies come rushing back
reasons become useless
and excuses are now needless

Let’s put time in reverse
go back to the beginning

As the sun sets in the West
we can now return home
laugh like we used to
live like we once did

I hope it's you

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The rain pours down
runs off my face
and soaks my clothes,

It continues to the ground
fills the puddles
and soaks my toes,

Vehicles speed by
giving advice
and wishing me luck,

Don’t they see Im hopeless,
going nowhere,
and stuck?

I continue a drifter
side of the road
thumb extended,

Another car passes
I think it’s you
or at least pretended,

I continue walking
I can turn my back
Im a person too,

but I see another
over the horizon
I hope it’s you.

Truly are a star

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Stars are bright and shiny,
for everyone to see,
you truely are a star indeed
especially to me.
And when the night is dark,
and light should seldom show,
you brighten up my world
with your warm and happy glow.
So when people put you down
and say you’re not worth a bar,
you just tell them I said,
“you truely are a star.”

My Lucid Dream

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We arrive in a rushing lucid dream,
falling stars and angel’s dust,
this trip has no particular theme,

Our indefinite and unconscious state,
is blown away to dream-like ecstasy,
seduce the colours and clean the slate,

Racing all the vibrant lights and shapes,
leaving behind only a current and a concept,
infinite is flying without capes,

A flicker of light radiates in the air,
psychedelic signal fire above our heads,
our alertness has naver been so bare,

But we awake from our coma to needles & pins,
numbness followed by clouded pictures & memories,
amnesia is the hangover for our sins.

The Game

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Take me from this game,
The game of vague questions & their hidden meanings,
strategic confessions & their empty promises,
Where you can take very little and give even less,

So come aboard with me,
and let’s exit this game,
Fly to someplace new,

To a place filled with needs and an impulse,
where we don’t have to ask….we just know,
Somewhere we can pass on the searching,
and start observing the outcome,

So come aboard with me,
and let’s progress beyond this game,
Invent our own pastime.