Everything good goes away in the end

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How can you know so much about me
and not bat an eye, but want to know more?
You know when Im mad and say all the right things
We fit so well together, but I dont wanna do this.
You dont wanna know how I feel
It would eat you up inside, tearing your soul from your body
Devouring it whole.
You know so much, but theres still so much more
Stick around, and maybe you will learn something
You’re gonna get tired of me soon
everyone always does.
Its such a disappointment that everything good
goes away in the end

I call my thoughts

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The door is always open and unlocked
this is where I will spend most of my time now
I know….Im alone here, but it’s getting a little crowded
And I know…. you wanted to take everything with you
but memory still speaks your name

So sneak into this room I call my thoughts
tear down these black curtains
Let me stare into the sun, I’ve forgotten how it feels
break open these frozen windows
Let me stare into your eyes, I’ve forgotten how it feels

Im trapped between four corners too familiar
and a ceiling much too low
You said you wouldn’t help me tear down these walls
but ripping away these posters of regret
is the least you could do

For now I will lay in this empty bed
and hide under these sheets once again
waiting while I fade away once more
this blanket still smells of you
I don’t want this again

I give this to you
through this pen and to a heart you call your own
A letter…
A dilemma…
A poem…
A notice that I’ve given up.

My other half

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I loved putting my head on your shoulder,
You kissed my forehead,
And told me it’s alright.
Now you’re a ghost
Invisible to my eyes
Haunting my heart.
You completed my thoughts and sentences
Because you knew me better than I knew myself.
The only thing that wasn’t fleeting in my life,
And now it’s gone.
Who am I,
And what am I supposed to do next?
Im on the edge again
Not knowing the real me.
Being someone and something Im not.
Save me from myself.
Im falling through.
On the edge again.
I need my wings.
I want to be alive,
At home,
In your arms.

While you sit there filled with fear

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Late at night when you are sleeping,
that’s when creatures coma a creeping.
To your house these creatures slither
making sounds that make you shiver.

Scratching on your window pane
Whispering your own first name.
Tapping on the nearest door,
creaking stairs and floors and more.

Making you sit up in bed
or pull the covers over your head.
And while you sit there filled with fear,
you wish that Nanna Mary was here!


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It might seem crazy
but it’s the truth
why do we do things,
we aren’t supposed to do?

It’s a matter of opinion,
or matter of the fact
that we always do bad things,
behind peoples backs?

Yes we do it,
and we know it’s bad
but sometimes those times,
can be the best we ever had.

But sometimes it will backfire
and stare into your eyes
when you want to know the truth
but your mind tells you lies.

Then you realize those lies
help you find the truth,
and the reason why we do the bad things
people tell us not to do