The Road of love and hate

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The Road of love and hate
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I’ve traveled the same road

as far as I can remember.

The same twist and turns, as

my world collides.

Feeling the sun burning my pale skin,

the wind as it whistles in my ear

a sweet harmony as my feet

drag me along the broken road.

Feeling the heat and hearing

the sweet harmony I stand here

where the two roads meet of love and hate.

I stand here thinking about what I need..

I need love and I can’t live without hate

so I choose the road in-between.

As I walk this barren world I challenge

fate as I walk the road of both love and hate


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I crave the way you hold me tight

I need the rush of pills

My blood is my addiction

And there’s tears on all the windowsills


You promised not to leave me

And since I won’t let you go

Then I guess you’re stuck with me

Just thought I’d let you know


When I run out of pills

My body shakes and quivers

It sends me into desperation

And gives my friends the shivers


And all of this becomes too much

Can’t cry, just cut and bleed

My skin is numb; my blades are dull

What is it that YOU need?


I’ll tell you that I’m fine

That I just need a hug

But my wrists are bleeding

And I’m searching for a drug


Cuts and pills and you

Are all my body needs

I’ll stay this way forever

Unless OD succeeds


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Fight for what?

What’s there to fight for?

When this world can be so cruel

So fast

Without any hesitation

Those people out there.. knock anyone down who dares to defy anything that isn’t to their pleasing


Because they know no evil

Do you see?

See those red, puffy, unblinking eyes

Eyes of the punished

Eyes of the innocent

Who have fought and fought

And fought again just to stay alive each and every day

Does anyone care?

No, never …