Keeping a Night Sky Alive

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Shooting stars keep a night sky alive
And calm dark waters are rippled by a feeding fish
With our back against the dewy grass, you whisper,
“They don’t last, so make a wish.”

They burn so bright, and then drop out of sight
I would spend a lifetime to take it all in
Maybe our fire’s done burning
And like those stars, we’ve fallen

Our past sings through swaying trees
And words break silence like a distant wind chime
Maybe this is only the beginning
And we will burn brighter in time

So, tonight I share my wish
To the girl with the broken smile
I’ll throw it all in the water
And ask her to stay a while

117/365. How To Catch Shooting Stars

Pretend it never happened

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Let me give you a knife
and my arm
and you can cut it for me
so you see the anger in my eyes.
You say mean things to me
but it doesn’t stop there
No, your words go deep inside
and stay with me forever.
Im taking this hard
but why shouldnt I?
I look at you with disgust
as I see you walk by.
The silence it kills me
but it’ll always be the same
But Id take silence
then have to replay those memories in my head
What did I do to deserve this?
Im sick of making excuses for you
So lets just leave,
Pretend it never happened.
Somebody pinch me
please tell me Im dreaming
Let me wake in the morning
and it’ll not be my reality.