Before Old

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Tryna Fake it
till I make it
standing here to make a show
to define you
and to study
just as far as you can go

do you seize me
how I like it
I’m so difficult
to read
like some paper
or a booklet
or a napkin
with a theme

here I’m standing
staring at you
looking at you
crossed the room
mopping floors
and changing pictures
if I kiss you
I will be doomed
won’t this happen
or I show it
I regret
all my mistakes
wanna study
wanna get it
just before
it’s just too late

now you’re leaving
I’m not leaving
staring at you
as you leave
one more shot
I don’t have shots
so now I stand here
watch me bleed
cause I need you
wanna meet you
wanna know you
wanna hold you
wanna stock you
wanna mock you
just before I get too old

now I’m washing
all the dishes
cleaning houses
cooking stoves
wish I moved
in your direction
now I got another load
much too laundry
much too cleaning
much too late to try again
when I see you
you’ll be taken
so I guess
just friends
I will harass you
and embrace you still
I’m slick I will get away
what I do
it might just harm you
I am sure I will get away

I am charming
I am evil
you know me
I don’t make sense
watch me
beneath roses
when I walk
behind your fence

yeah you see me
all around you
like a mellow
to a stove
why I tease you
with my clearance
now it’s me
and you alone

Am I crazy
you don’t get it
what my poets
don’t make sense
my names
I’m High maintenance
and intense

so define me
and come seize me
study lift
and over all
watch my safety tips
and safety net
cause one day I will fall

Angel of Hope

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I walk towards school and the sun every weekday
to look down to only see a shadow with angel wings ahead
it amazed me
to realize that death had followed me
the next day I did the same
realized that this angel of death and darkness
had giant BLACK wings
it saw me and flew into the sunlight
disappeared with such a sight
years later now Im in high school
this angel of death was now gray
that’s when I realize that this angel of darkness
had stayed in my shadows to this very day
not death or darkness but maybe my hopes
we the one who was really gray

Your mind was elsewhere

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Your mind was elsewhere
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I looked into your eyes, you turned away.
I felt your hand, it was cold.

I tried to smile, you laughed.
I enjoyed your company, your mind was elsewhere.

I tried to hold you, you closed your arms.
I tried to impress you, you weren’t interested.

I close my eyes and see you, you see other men.
I liked talking about you, so did you.

I trust you, you ”need time”.
I like your faults, you remind me of mine.

I love you, your lust has diminished.
I gave you my heart, you took my soul.