Tiny soldiers

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Tiny soldiers just came in
In a room full of robotic machine

Yelling what a good morning
Oh, good morning too dearest
Little ones

Different sounds
Some clicks, some bows
Dare not to fight, dare not to cry
Like bowwows

Click, click
Tick, tick, tick
Drag here, drag there
Scroll down, scroll up
Laugh here and everywhere

Oh, how beautiful they look
So amazed on the one they took
Little angels now
On the hook


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Blinded by the crowd,
you cannot make decisions.
Intimidated to reveal yourself,
scared to be an individual.

You don’t know who you are,
following everyone else.
No opinion, No choice,
you are merely one of them.

You’re trying too hard,
not being yourself.
Your friends don’t know you,
for now you have changed.

You’ve sacrificed it all,
only to blend in.
You don’t really like them,
you don’t like yourself.