I long for the day

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I long for the day
of your tender embrace,
With my head meeting your shoulder,
and yours meeting mine,
As I inhale the aroma of your hair,
Grhtmling it with tender subtlety.
I embrace your soothing warmth,
This warmth which rekindles a certain spark in my heart,
This warmth which is the most warming in its serenity.
I turn to you, and peer into the night sky that is your eyes,
Pausing for the chance to perceive the ironic complexity
of your simple smile,
and become mesmerized in your soft chuckle.
I long for this day,
This day I await with empty motivation,
This day I regretfully acknowledge as a fictional reality,
This day that will never come.
This day I hate to long for.


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There are many things in my life that I regret
I wish I could just go back, redo, and forget
But those memories never leave,
They’ll never go away they will always stay

Too bad I cannot go back and erase all my mistakes,
But things just don’t work out that way
There is nobody that is always right,
There is nobody that is perfect

Some people’s lives are a mess,
But yet some are flawless
I guess all you can really do,
Is to live your mistake through
Because really, you cannot erase your past.

Like an angel, you’re wonderful

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Dear Denni

When I was a kid I used to listen
To some priest preaching about angels
I got so amazed and wondered
If they were really true and existing

When I got older faith slowly weaken
To believe angel is just a legend
I never saw a human with wings
If there is one it must be the birds flying

When you came you made me understand
To believe an angel exists in someone
I ask for help you lend a hand
Even you never know who I am

When dreams seem hard to reach
To give light within a reach
I’ve never seen someone so pure
Indeed you’re lucidly beautiful
Just like an angel, you’re wonderful

I Hate You

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I hate you
such a bad thing to say
I know
but you’ve made me this way
cannot believe the things you do
never thought you could
be the person you came to be
how you can be so cold
I will never know
people can see straight through you
I hope you know
your cover has blown away
you no longer have it to hide your evil ways
It’s too late cause everyone already knows
how weak you really are

Falling leaves

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Underneath the big old tree
Where I stand and see the leaves get free
Dancing with the wind so softly and gently
Color green and gray as they go astray

Bounce there, bounce everywhere
Wherever the wind went they go
Some tried to reach the heaven
Still most of them fall on the ground

Underneath the big old tree
Where everything is attached
Sometimes they just die and fall
Never know where they exactly go
As long as the wind takes those
Destined to let go