Just for you

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For the first time I feel afraid
I’m afraid you’ll turn away
I’m wishing time would stay
whenever you are here

Because being with you
Is all I always wanna be
No one else but you
Has meant this much to me

I can’t pretend anymore
I have to let you know
How much you meant to me
For I am yours forevermore

I may not have much in this world
Money, looks nor fame
But this I assure you
This heart, this poor heart
Would only beat just for you

no one else but
Just you…


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Under a subdued sun,
Basking in its glory
Purity at it’s best,
The snow tells a story.

I’m glanced at in awe,
As if a blooming flower,
The heavens, my origin,
I’m compared to shining stars.

My airs are always chilly,
My temperature frozen cold
I breathe mists of water,
And always play outdoors.

Passer-by’s perceive me
As a stunning view,
Earth, my destination,
Rainbow is my hue.

The moon is my companion,
The trees sell me their souls,
I spread my white feathers,
Over plains, mountains and moors.

I’m trodden upon and molested
I’m shoved and heaped aside,
Yet humanity foresees my coming,
As the best of winter times.

My dream

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Though, this may sound confusing,
or corny, to say at least.
I dreamt of us the other night,
there you, then there was me.
There a beach and there chemistry,
hearts had surrounded our heads.
It was like a perfect little, notebook scene,
problem was we’d never met.
We were, completely strangers,
but that’s what we’ve always been, you see.
Then suddenly, my dream froze,
and you disappeared,