Unknown Girl

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Unknown Girl
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At first glance I look at you
you shine so brightly,
brightly with charm.
It’s like your body
is wrapped tight with beauty.
I could see your nerves
and your shyness
I wanted to talk to you so badly
but you made me vulnerable and scared
I was so nervous
I couldn’t talk to you
The night ended
and we both left and now
I’m here writing about the
Beautiful unknown girl

Poetry Is Dumb

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Poetry Is Dumb
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Say that
Is dumb, that they
Don’t know why people
Would write, don’t understand,
that there are too many rules, laws,
Restrictions on what they
Write,(elephant) They
Cannot fill form
(giraffe) They
should just
Be more
(Lion) Just write
Their thoughts (hyena)
And see what (skunk) happens
They might just surprise themselves
And others (hippopota-
mus) Maybe they should
Just change like their
Take chances
Risk it all
(Albatross) Birds
Were dinosaurs once
But evolved, survived
(Dodo) unlike some. Lizards
Are still around, (gecko)
Although they almost
Died quite a bit
Ago, (penguins)
To Survive
All this is
Possible, thanks
To a large bang,
An explosion of
Massive proportion of
(A rock) matter in the vast
Nothing that became space
That and a rock hit
Earth, creating
The moon and
Tides and things.
(Oceans) Water,
Slow destruction of
Land, (Math, simple really)
Like a sine wave or just waves
Eroding beaches (limestone
For caves) Patiently
changing landscape
Waiting for
The next
The world
(Dies) Goes BOOM!

It Might Be Pigs

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It Might Be Pigs
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An entire thoughtless
Generation, Gen devo.
Punching buttons to do
Math, to write, to think.
Calculators, Computers
Do everything for us.
The age of thought,
Of philosophy,
Of discovery, dying,
Quicker than we
Grow old; and would like.
Scientists discover
Supposedly “new”
Things, prove and disprove
Pluto; don’t accomplish
Anything. The age
Of man, of thought,
Of intelligence
Is dead. All hail
The age of Artificial
Intelligence. Robots
Already perform
Surgery more precise,
Clean, and dress people.
There are even “sexbots”
For those who choose.
The robot apocalypse
is upon us, or at least
the decline of man.
Every empire has fallen
Throughout history:
Dinosaurs, Rome,
Carthage, Ming, Qing,
Persia, Macedonia,
Britain. The faster
They rose, the faster
They fell. It is simply
Our turn. Maybe
It won’t be robots.
it might be pigs.